Model Kiara Moon On The Importance Of Philanthropy Amid The Pandemic

Kiara MoonPhoto Credit: Kiara Moon

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

In moments of crisis, we often see philanthropy in action, such as donations following an earthquake, floods, hurricanes, and storms. But currently, we are witnessing a never-before crisis that brought the entire world to a grinding halt. As it started rampaging across the globe with startling rapidity, causing lockdowns, and turning bustling commercial corridors into ghost towns, individuals began banding together to contribute towards managing the daunting circumstances.

Observing the overwhelming humanitarian response towards the pandemic, model and philanthropist Kiara Moon opines, “It has been inspiring to see contributions pouring in from citizens from all backgrounds and income levels. At such crucial times, we often look towards the wealthy, but it is in these moments that individual acts of kindness are recognized, and the fact is that we all are capable of some form of philanthropy.”

Though the government and business sectors have significant responsibility for crisis management, philanthropy plays a vital role in relief and recovery. Moon shares, “The country’s philanthropic sector leaped into action to address the immediate needs of vulnerable people and populations by providing suitable aid. Corporate America, too stepped up, to offer its support and assistance, playing a vital role, to stabilize the situation.”

Discussing the importance of philanthropy, Moon says, “Benevolence in any form—monetary, volunteering or any other humanitarian act, towards causes that you feel passionate about, brings an innate sense of purpose, personal fulfillment, and satisfaction to the soul. I have personally been involved with various causes. I have volunteered as a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, where I worked closely with and mentored at-risk youth and have participated in the Alzheimer’s walk to raise awareness for those who are victims of the disease. I also possess volunteering experience for 12 step programs such as AA and EDA.

Philanthropic efforts also help build a network of people who support a common cause and come together as a community. It evokes a sense of belonging and positively impacts mental and emotional health. “

This strong sense of community ties and unity has helped the government and society at large to deal with the pandemic. Despite being financially or personally affected by COVID-19, individuals have come together to help each other out and doubled their efforts and contributions to rebuild the country.