Why Marko Stout Is Changing The New York Art Scene

-marko-stout-haute-living-05Photo Credit: Marko Stout, New York City 2020

Written in partnership with Raheel Zafar 

Every once in a while, an exceptional artist develops work that can’t be compared to any other. The first critics who saw pieces of art from Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian weren’t very sure at what they were looking at and, as a result, failed to recognize the ingenuity they were witnessing. This is also what most critics of Marko Stout experienced for the first time.

Though you may know him for being the Edible Apple Film Festival organizer, he has a name in the city of New York, thanks to his art projects. His pieces continue to attract people to exhibitions because his work is so different from almost everything you might think about in the current market.

-marko-stout-haute-living-Photo Credit: Rudy Dedomicicis

If you ask anyone in downtown New York City who they think the best and coolest artist is, most will reply ‘Marko Stout.’ His fame has earned him an immense cult following of ardent fans and loyal art lovers who see him as the next Andy Warhol. In fact, because of the tremendous stir around him, Huff Post ran an article entitled ‘is Marko Stout the Next Andy Warhol?’

-marko-stout-haute-living-04Photo Credit: Marko Stout, New York City 2020

The Introduction of Urban Metal Prints into Fine Art

Most art critics don’t like to notice anything that doesn’t fit into the definition of fine arts. But amidst all this, Stout went against all the odds to create and release well-fashioned urban metal prints that are certainly out of the narrow definition of fine art.

As a result, few influential people noticed him. The Kardashians expressed how they were all very excited about Marko’s work and exhibition. Debra Messing said she’s a big fan of Stout’s incredible work. Melissa Etheridge said how Marko Stout is a fantastic artist. His works have also won other Hollywood celebrities’ hearts, including Billie Eilish and Boy George, who frequent his art exhibitions to see his latest works – a balm for souls.

-marko-stout-haute-living-01Photo Credit: Rudy Dedomicicis

Marko’s art fans have been attracted to his pieces because of their vibrant colors and the cool NYC theming that are different from others. It’s inspiring to know that Stout didn’t have enough capital to finance his projects, making him largely work on them on his own to communicate his message. He must be happy wherever he is because the responses he’s gotten from his communication are worth it. People still come from all corners of the world to get a chance to view some of his works.

-marko-stout-haute-living-03_1Photo Credit: Marko Stout, New York City 2020

Marco’s solo exhibitions have been attended worldwide from New York, London, Los Angeles, Brussels, Miami, New Jersey to Paris. He’s been on many covers and headlines of magazines like City Limits, Huff Post, The Entrepreneur Magazine, LA Journal, Forbes Magazine, Times Square Chronicles, and Splash Magazine.

It’s been said that even if an artist isn’t alive, he or she stays alive through his work for ages. Stout may undoubtedly be such an artist. Generations after he’ll be long gone, his work will bring to remembrance the new perspective he gave to New York City.  His works have stamped the pages of the history of fine arts.