Bespoke Medicine: Groundbreaking Non-Surgical Dental Treatments For A Youthful Face

Dr. Sam MuslinPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Sam Muslin

When people think of a facelift, they automatically think of surgery for cosmetic-only benefits. However, Dr. Sam Muslin pioneered a ground-breaking surgery-free procedure that provides health benefits as well as a dramatically improved facial appearance, via a revolutionary new dental treatment.

More and more people realize that dental work is a highly effective anti-aging procedure and are opting for this non-surgical beauty treatment over other anti-aging cosmetic procedures such as fillers or Botox.

The problem with a misaligned jaw is that it gets worse over time resulting in accelerated aging of the appearance. Cosmetic dentistry offers a time-consuming patchwork approach that is often damaging to healthy teeth, whereas ‘facelift’ dentistry provides all the benefits with none of the harm!Facelift dentistryPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Sam Muslin


A revolutionary concept

This revolutionary new type of dental treatment improves the face and teeth’ overall appearance without resorting to jaw surgery, lengthy treatment with braces, or other damaging cosmetic dentistry. This exclusive treatment is centered on correcting jaw and bite misalignment, which can compromise physical health and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Sam Muslin’s carefully designed non-surgical beauty treatment aligns the jaw and bite in their optimal position, dramatically improving any facial imbalances, creating a beautiful natural-looking smile, and bringing numerous health benefits with it.

Dental problems caused by jaw and bite misalignment

When the jaws are misaligned, this can cause an abnormal bite (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together when resting naturally, determined by your jaw position). This can result in a whole host of dental problems such as jaw clicking or pain and temporomandibular joint disorder. An abnormal bite also increases the risk of teeth grinding, which causes the protective tooth enamel to become worn down, and increases the risk of tooth decay and sensitivity.

Correcting jaw and bite alignment can improve overall health

Overall health is also affected – those with misaligned bites may suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder tension, digestive troubles, and poor sleep quality. Sleep is affected because the lower jaw can slide back towards the airways reducing the space for airflow. This has a knock-on effect on alertness and energy levels.
Re-aligning the jaw can result in better sleep quality, increased energy, fewer headaches, reduced muscle tension, more efficient chewing, better breathing, and even improved speech.

Anti-aging dentistry

All types of misaligned bite prematurely age the appearance. An uneven bite affects the overall shape and symmetry of the face. For example, overbites cause a prominent jaw, and underbites create a rounded face. Severe misalignments can result in breathing difficulties, problems chewing food, or speech impediments.

non-surgical faceliftPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Sam Muslin

Dr. Sam Muslin: A widely acclaimed Dentist with a strong vision

Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, is based in Santa Monica, California, and has over 40 years of experience as a dental professional. While receiving extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and bite correction techniques, he became aware of the lack of health benefits and associated health problems such as the impact on natural teeth (for example, teeth being worn down so porcelain veneers can be bonded to them, often resulting in sensitivity). He saw that jaw surgery was invasive, painful, and came with the risk of complications as well as substantial recovery time.

He was inspired to develop his own pain-free, non-surgical facelift dentistry that would provide a holistic approach to mouth and jaw reconstruction and bite correction, uniquely combining health benefits with improved facial aesthetics.

Facelift Dentistry® 

This cutting-edge non-surgical beauty treatment applies technology to restore a youthful appearance by optimizing the position of the jaw. As well as encouraging the jaw and temporomandibular joint to function properly, this procedure also improves the facial profile, effectively providing a facelift.

Without the need for painful surgery, long-term commitment to braces, or any damage to healthy teeth, this procedure creates the ideal face shape for maximum health and cosmetic benefits.

A preliminary consultation is usually held face-to-face to determine eligibility, analyze the face and jaw, and demonstrate what the end result could look like. A follow-up appointment will then be scheduled to take x-rays, photos, and videos. A custom jaw restoration appliance will then be created to suit each patient’s exact needs. Each patient will receive a tailored treatment plan detailing the procedure, and any fine-tuning required, such as individual tooth restorations.

JawTrac® Jaw Alignment
Everyone has an optimal jaw position − aligning the entire jaw rather than individual teeth ensures good health as well as a youthful appearance. The great thing about this technique is that it allows people to see what they will look like with their newly aligned jaw before their treatment even begins.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration
This custom-made porcelain bite restoration corrects the bite while protecting natural teeth from getting worn away (a stark contrast to cosmetic dentistry where natural teeth are often worn down for the attachment of porcelain veneers). VENLAY® Bite Restoration can correct underbites, overbites, open bites, and crossbites.

Quick and convenient
Compared with jaw surgery, dental implants, or orthodontic braces, improved facial aesthetics are seen immediately. There is no drilling, no filing down of natural teeth, no surgery, and minimal downtime for the procedure. There is also hardly any recovery time involved and little risk of complications.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses solely on the teeth and smiles, whereas performing this type of treatment applies a more holistic approach to optimize the shape of the entire face by correcting jaw alignment. Cosmetic procedures tend to involve long-term options requiring multiple visits such as orthodontic braces, dental implants, and in severe cases, jaw surgery, which requires substantial recovery time.

Who is it suitable for?

This treatment is generally suitable for anyone with a misaligned bite, those who are unhappy with their overall face shape or how their smile looks. Candidates can range from those with a severely sunken face to those with overbites, underbites, and open bites. It is popular with people who want fast, reliable results with minimum invasion (no drilling!) or downtime.
Real results

Dr. Sam Muslin’s dentistry had changed the lives of many people, from a young patient in her twenties with a small weak chin and heavily discolored teeth due to fluorosis to a 65-year old Florida patient who had worn down teeth that were barely visible when she smiled due to a strong overbite and severe facial collapse. Anti-aging dentistry can improve your appearance, health, and self-confidence for the rest of your life!