3 LVMH Perfume Facilities—Including Dior—To Produce Hand Sanitizer To Fight Coronavirus

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In an effort to battle the pandemic that has hijacked the world as we know it—Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus—luxury conglomerate LVMH, under Bernard Arnault’s leadership, has today announced it will utilize three of its perfume facilities to produce hand sanitizer, in an effort to combat the outbreak. Instead of producing Givenchy, Christian Dior and Guerlain fragrances, these three facilities will make 12 tonnes of sanitizer, which will be produced as quickly as this week.

Delphine ARNAULT. Bernard ARNAULT. Alexandre ARNAULT
Delphine, Bernard and Alexandre Arnault

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“I wish to thank LVMH for acting so quickly,” began Paris hospital chief Martine Hirsch, who spoke to AFP. “They made us this offer on Saturday night…and confirmed it on Sunday.”

dior perfumePhoto Credit: Christian Dior Parfums

The LVMH sanitizer will be distributed to 39 public hospitals in the French capital of Paris, and will be done so “at no charge” to the French health authorities, according to The Guardian. This will be a major help in the fight against the coronavirus, as the best defense against its spread is hand washing and—in the event that soap and water are not available—sanitizing. Like many countries across the globe, hand sanitizer has become a scarce product in France, as panic has set in and over-stocking has begun.

bernard arnault x lvmh
Bernard Arnault

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LVMH is the umbrella group to 75 luxury Houses across the fashion, wines and spirits, retail, perfumes and cosmetics spaces, among others. Some of their brands include Louis Vuitton, Berluti, Celine, Fendi, FENTY, RIMOWA, Marc Jacobs, Hublot, BVLGARI, Tag Heuer, Zenith, Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, Krug, Benefit Cosmetics, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and more.

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