Kate Bosworth Dishes On Her Latest Business Venture + What’s In Store For 2020

Kate BosworthPhoto Credit: Kate Bosworth/Instagram/Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth is no stranger to investing in things she believes in. The “Straw Dogs,” “Blue Crush” and “Movie 43” actress and her husband, director Michael Polish, founded Make Pictures Productions to, well, make pictures that they wanted to personally put their weight behind. They entirely funded their first, Nona.” Now, they’ve joined forces with another brand that personally aligns with their sensibilities, SpiiderGriip™. The couple are founding equity partners and part owners of the company, which produces a line of innovative new phone griips™; flexible, rubberized devices that simply and quickly adhere to the back of a phone or phone case. 

“As producers and filmmakers, it has always been important that we have the right tools to create quality content. We’ve been using SpiiderGriip for a while as a way to document our everyday lives,” Bosworth explains, “which is why it’s so fitting that we would become partners in this incredible venture, and even more so, design our custom XOXO line, inspired by our endless love for each other and our work. This is just the beginning of our journey with SpiiderGriip, capturing life’s moments no matter the circumstance: on set, on the go, or for special occasions with your loved ones.”

Here, we chatted with the 37-year-old fashionista about her newest business venture, why working her husband is the opposite of difficult, what big plans the two have coming up for 2020 and what looks she’s really loving from the Paris shows.

Kate Bosworth + Michael PolishPhoto Credit: Lauren Phillips

Let’s talk about your involvement with SpiiderGriip. How did you become involved? Why did you become involved?

We became involved purely because we found a real need for an appendage like this and couldn’t find one that was as useful in the marketplace. As filmmakers, Michael and I are constantly creating content from our phones and the Spiidergriip makes a huge difference in how we are able to do so. Not only does it work as a griip, but we utilize the appendage by twisting it into a stand, and I also shoot much better beauty tutorials by hanging the griip from a ring light.

Why is this the new must-have tech accessory?

There is nothing else like it on the market place. Most other phone appendages depend on the hand to hold onto the piece. In that sense, it makes the phone easy to drop. The spiidergrip does the work for you. One will not lose grip of their phone – the griip holds onto YOU. A great example recently was when I was on the top of the Eiffel Tower taking selfies – not once was a worried about dropping my phone because of the spiidergriip!

Both you and your partners believed in the product enough to become equity partners. Why?

We believe this is a product for everyone and our product is truly unique. Most people in the world have a phone and they are on their phones for hours in a day. They are creating content, watching content, working …. people are going to start needing and wanting a more comfortable and accessible way to hold their devices. Our griip is also the best and most comfortable appendage for people with arthritis or damage to their hands. You just slip your fingers into the spiidergriip and it does the work for you, rather than having to awkwardly hold onto an appendage.

SpiiderGriip™Photo Credit: SpiiderGriip™

You’re a fashionable woman. How does this accessory play into your aesthetic sensibilities?

Michael and I became involved with the design process from packaging (clean white with the device “floating” in the packaging) to the actual griip. We created the red retrographic Atari “8- bit” XOXO for Valentine’s Day. We all loved this design so much, we are carrying the XOXO through to spring with new neon colors, which we are very excited about. It’s a throwback to being an 80’s kid, in a cool way. Nostalgia meets modern day.

How does this help each of you (+ Michael) with your careers, as you’re both involved in the film industry in different ways.

We are constantly creating content. Recently we made an in depth video for Instagram TV , only using the spiidergriip (how I get ready for the “Vanity Fair” Oscar Party). In our opinion, the Spiidergriip is the most efficient phone appendage to film in both the selfie vantage point and outward. Using the griip also smooths the movement of the capture while in motion, which is important for improved quality of filming content.

Does this lead the way for further creative collaborations with your husband?

We are constantly collaborating, whether in film, TV, or fashion. This has been a fun and different way to do so. We are creatives in every capacity and love working together.

Kate Bosworth + Michael PolishPhoto Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

You met through work – is it hard to sustain a working relationship and personal relationship? What are your hacks?

Our work relationship and personal relationship are truly intertwined. Creating is part of the love that fuels our relationship. There is nothing like the high of working with one another and feeling like we accomplished something together in a collaborative way. It is always exciting and new in that sense, while also acquiring a depth that being together for nearly 10 years will bring.

 What do you have in the works in 2020 in terms of your film career?

We are very excited about a movie Michael directed and I star in (with Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch) called “Force of Nature”. It’s an action packed super entertaining movie about a heist in a hurricane. We are also developing “TATE”, the Sharon Tate biopic, which is a real passion project for us — one which only celebrates Sharon’s life rather than focus on the tragedy that befell her.

Are you seeking any TV-related projects? If so, what? If not, what would be the right project?

I love working in television. The longevity of the story allows for deeper and more impactful character development, which as an actor, of course I love. I started and produced a Netflix show called “THE I-LAND” last year and I have a few in development as well.

You’ve just attended/are attending the Paris shows. What looks are you shipping? What impressed you the most and do you need to wear immediately?

I am really loving more oversized suiting (which I wore to the Chloé show). I also really adored Joseph Altuzarra’s collection and thought Proenza Schouler continues to set the bar for sophisticated luxury – but cool – American design. And of course, Daniel Lee at Bottega [Veneta] is creating the most exciting and design-forward, compelling creations currently. Please someone get me one of his insane oversized bags… I want it all!

Kate BosworthPhoto Credit: Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com