Mind Blowing Magician Julius Dein Reveals His Secret To Becoming A Social Media Sensation

It’s not that often you hear of someone whose passion for magic at a young age set the stage for internet superstardom, but that’s just what has happened to Julius Dein.

Traveling the world to showcase his talent and share his love of magic, Dein has the uncanny ability to combine mind-blowing and interactive magic with hilarious comedy and travel culture. Today, he has more than 20 million followers across his social platforms with incredulous fans left wondering just how he did that trick.

The London native took a break from touring in Mexico to chat with us yesterday to reveal the secret to keeping his tricks fresh and exciting, and his meteoric rise to becoming a social media sensation.

Photo Credit: Julius Dein

You went from performing at weddings to now having more than 20 million followers in two years. What was your secret?

There are two factors to being a good magician. The first is having good tricks and the other part is in your distribution – who is seeing the tricks. There are people in the world who are the most incredible magicians, but if no one see it, what you are doing is irrelevant. It’s really important to focus on content and distribution. It’s a part of the reason I built the audience that I did. I work hard to create different types of magic tricks all over the world relentlessly and persistently, and have figured out how people go to see it.

What is it about magic that made you think you might want to pursue it?

I was eight years old when I first became interested in it and have always been obsessed with magic. Over time, I went to university at King’s College London, did small gigs, weddings and nightclubs, and always did magic at Christmas parties. I have always been pretty open minded in what I wanted to do.

Best magic trick you have ever done?

I once did one where I levitated eight feet into the air.

Favorite one to perform live?

I did a recent filming with the NFL where I would take someone’s strength away. They would lift a box then look in my eyes and be unable to lift it. I also did one that left people unable to read. It’s a lot of fun seeing the reaction.

Photo Credit: Julius Dein

How do you keep your tricks fresh and exciting?

I immerse myself in magic. I read lots of books and get inspiration from my surroundings. When I was in Colombia, I made a video with magic around salsa. I have turned cards into money for homeless people.

Where does your inspiration for new tricks come from?

I don’t take myself too seriously.

What’s up for 2020 for you?

I am doing lots of shows and will be building more content. It’s exciting. I want to go to new places and bring magic to more people around the world. I am also working to create a Women for Magic Foundation to inspire young women to get into the industry. It’s male-dominated now so it would be great opportunity for women to be inspired. I will be setting up a number of different events with top female magicians so I am super excited about that.

Photo Credit: Julius Dein