The Luxury Of Comfort: Essential Items To Make Your At Home-Life Easier During The Pandemic

Technogym Photo Credit: Technogym

When it comes to this moment in time, nothing is certain. Will things shut again? Have they not yet even reopened? That being said, we’ve all been spending so much time at home that now it’s more important than ever that our homes should be our castles. From technology to fitness equipment to beauty devices, here are all the things you need for the real luxury of the moment: comfort.


TechnogymPhoto Credit: Technogym

This stylish, award-winning piece can double as both fitness equipment and proper home décor thanks to its design, courtesy of world-renowned furniture designer and architect Antonio Citterio. But it doesn’t just look pretty — it’s functional, too: The silent motor is ideal for any type of training, from easy-paced walking to high intensity marathon training (peak power: 4 HP). The inclination can even reach grades of up to 15% in order to simulate hill training. The 21.5” wide touch-screen display and built-in speakers let you watch, listen and interact while training, without any distractions. Plus, the large running surface is provided with shock absorbers for maximum comfort. It’s great for those who can’t get to the gym and still want their home to be as beautiful as can be.
Available on, $16,050 

PelotonPhoto Credit: Peloton

If one at-home fitness item has gotten more play than anything during the pandemic, it’s the Peloton bike. If everyone you know has jumped on the bandwagon, it’s for a reason: having a Peloton at your disposal is like attending your own private spin class, but without having anyone see you sweat. The brand offers thousands of live and on-demand classes, taught by a roster of elite instructors, with real-time motivation, performance tracking metrics and a real-time leaderboard, as well curated playlists from the world’s best artists. Yes, you DO need one immediately.
Available on, $2,245 USD (includes delivery fee) + $39/month subscription for unlimited live and on-demand classes.


LifeProPhoto Credit: LifePro

Shake your way into shape with LifePro’s Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate, which helps with any fitness goal, be it building upper body strength, sculpting your arms, toning your muscles or even relieving chronic pain. This plate is different from other vibrating platforms in that it combines oscillatory (up-and-down)  movements and lateral (side-to-side) movements with pulsating movements as well, whereas many others of its kind just vibrate in one direction. With speed settings from 1 to 60, it offers an intense workout that targets all muscle groups and works for any fitness goal. If you don’t believe how awesome this machine is, trust its owners, who offer a 100% lifetime warranty. How’s that for confidence inspiring?

Available on, $599.99

TRXPhoto Credit: TRX

And now, an oldie but a goodie. This is a work-out that you can do from home, that doesn’t take up any space and that will give you the bod you’ve only dreamed of. This Suspension Trainer takes functional training to the next level with adjustable foot cradles, a new sleek design and one-year subscription to the dynamic TRX app, which features dynamic in-ear audio coaching and cueing for the ultimate gym in a box (think: suspension training, yoga, HIIT Training, cycling, running, etc). The TRX App acts as a fitness tracker and uses biometric data, audio coaching and cueing to actually listen, adapt and interact with the individual user, while its audio coaching delivers the experience of working out with a personal trainer, while continuously tracking effort and energy expended, and responding with guidance and motivation throughout the workouts. It’s a total body workout that’s used by literally hundreds of thousands of fitness professionals, enthusiasts, celebrities and virtually every major U.S. sports team. If fitness is your goal, TRX is a must.

Exclusive to, $199.95

Beats by DrePhoto Credit: Beats by Dre

If you’re dedicated to your workouts (or if you just want to fully escape outside city noise, your kids, your husband, work, etc.) these babies are the way to go. The Power Beats Pro drown out all noise so you can focus on what really counts – getting rid of that quarantine 15. Each earbud has up to nine hours of listening time (with five-minute Fast Fuel charging for those who forget to plug in); hands-free controls via “Hey Siri” on iOS devices; they’re sweat and water resistant; have dual optical sensors and dual beam-forming microphones; have motion and speech-detecting accelerometers; and voice capability with the push of a button. Plus, if you DO need to take them out briefly to let the world descend, there are sensors that detect when you’ve taken them out so your music will be paused, not stopped.

Available on, $249.95


TheraGunPhoto Credit: TheraGun

Many states have specific quarantine restrictions that physically don’t allow you to be touched by a masseuse — though many people are finding in this time that they’d prefer to limit their interactions with strangers, now matter how safe. Enter the Theragun, a DIY muscle treatment in an ultra-quiet smart percussive therapy device with advanced sound insulation. Elite works deep to melt away tension and release soreness, empowering you to care for your body daily. Its ergonomic grip makes it easy to use, and its customizable speed range can be controlled by Bluetooth. It’s a pretty awesome way to ensure self-care in every single way.

Available at, $399

Hidrate Photo Credit: Hidrate


One thing we always forget to do – we’re busy, in meetings, taking liquid lunches and such – is to drink water. Now that most of us are home so often, we don’t have any excuses. And yet, we still make them. HidrateSpark makes those excuses virtually impossible. This next-generation rechargeable insulated stainless steel smart water bottle offers the most advanced technology and design to help you track hydration and maintain healthy habits. Not only does it glow when it’s time for you to drink, but, via the HidrateSpark App, reminders (and cute motivations – “Be water” says Bruce Lee) are delivered to your phone, which we know you’re checking at least hourly (but come on, it’s more like every two minutes). Plus, through HidrateSpark’s proprietary Hydration Equation, the HidrateSpark App and bottle work in tandem to calculate a unique daily hydration goal for every person, based on key physiological and biological factors, as well as other inputs such as elevation, weather, and exercise. Hidrate’s latest iteration, the STEEL, is crafted with high-quality, light, and durable stainless steel. Its vacuum-insulated stainless steel design keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and prevents condensation. Thanks to this new and improved version, you can now easily fill your bottle with ice and keep your drink colder longer. And to that we say, be water my friends. Or at the very least, drink it.

Available on, various prices for various sizes 

LululemonPhoto Credit: Lululemon


A yoga mat should be an essential part of your life, whether you’re using it to stretch out, paint your nails or – gasp! – actually do yoga. This pretty pink number from lululemon will pair nicely with all the lulu gear already in our arsenal. A polyurethane top layer absorbs moisture to help you get a grip during sweaty practices, while a natural rubber base gives you cushioning and a textured grip for low-sweat practices and an antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold and mildew on the mat (although of course, is you’re only using it as a butt cushion, you won’t have that problem anyway, we hope).
Available on $78




SonyPhoto Credit: SonySo cinemas are closed, and we’re all trying to deal. But while our homes have become our castles, Sony’s A8H OLED TV goes a long way to making us feel like we’ve got a built-in movie theater at home. But this TV is actually — dare we say it? — better. Its X1 processors reproduces more colors than a conventional television, analyzing and processing data in every image to make colors even more natural and precise so pictures are closer than ever to real life. Thanks to its X-Motion Clarity technology, moving images are precisely controlled to minimize blur so that pictures remain true with less loss in brightness during high-speed scenes (so action movie lovers, you’re in for a treat!). It’s very design is guaranteed to impress as well: because of its Acoustic Surface Audio, the screen is the speaker (n innovative actuator vibrates discreetly to create sound so what you hear comes from the place in the scene where the action is happening—dialogue from characters, engine noise from a car—rather than from speakers at the side). Its sleek and simple one-slate design seamlessly blends into any room, and those pesky cords that dangle in your peripheral view are one and done thanks to a cable cord holder at the back. And there’s more — not only is there a voice search feature, but this Android Smart TV has over 5,000 apps. Yes, you read that right. And last but not least, Netflix starts 3x faster than before. With Sony’s OLED TV, you’re definitely on your way to a welcome night in.

Available on, $1,699.99 – $1,999.99 


Nest Hello

Photo Credit: Google

What better way to make sure you’re safe and sound while working from home than with Nest’s slew of high-tech security items? In particular, we’re fond of the Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Secure. The former is a dream for those who don’t want to bring a key on a run, chronically can’t remember if they locked their front door, or just want to be super safe in their space. The latter is an awesome video doorbell for those who want to check who’s at the door instead of blindly opening it, who want to speak to their delivery person without having to speak to them in person (essential in the time of Covid) as you can use its built-in speaker to speak remotely. Even better, over the holidays, there are a plethora of fun ringtones to bring you even that little spark of joy that lets you know you have a visitor — even if you can’t hang out with them.

Nest x Yale Lock

Photo Credit: Google

Available on GStore, Nest Hello, $299, and Nest x Yale Lock, $279


Although many of us aren’t leaving the house much these days, that doesn’t mean that our sense of style has to go out the window. There is a little thing called “Zoom” after all, and even if you’re wearing your party pajamas on the bottom, your top half still has to look professional. Cue the Samsung AirDresser, an innovative clothing care system that, thanks to a powerful combination of steam and airflow, relaxes light wrinkles, removes dust and odors, and refreshes not just your clothes, but your family’s outerwear, bedding, and soft toys, too. Through three phases – steaming, drying and refreshing – the AirDresser reduces wrinkles, gently dries and sanitizes — an essential element in this day and age — to eliminate odors in all types of clothing and fabrics. The portable closet seamlessly and easily fits into your home, plugging into a standard 120V outlet and using a refillable water reservoir – meaning no separate water lines are needed. Additionally, AirDresser connects to Samsung’s SmartThings App, which will recommend the best cycle based on your garment and fabric type and send a notification when the cycle is complete and garments are ready. It’s a must.

Available on, $1,499 


Neato Photo Credit: Neato

Even though it seems counterintuitive, most of us working from home are busier than ever these days, and cleaning becomes even more of a chore than normal. Luckily, there are inventive new products to do the job for you. Neato’s cool new D10 intelligent robot vacuum is designed to make your life easier, your home cleaner, and your air purer. Thanks to a true HEPA filter, 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured, allowing for a greater surface area filtration. Not only that, but it can even follow your pet around in its Pet Mode so that fur and dander don’t settle into your carpet. Last but not least, it runs for 150 minutes at a time, though there is also an energy-saving Eco mode for those who prefer it to go longer without a charge for general vacuuming.

Available at, $899


KeurigPhoto Credit: Keurig


If a visit to Starbucks was part of your daily routine — a midday (or more) escape from work, if you will, then think of the Keurig K-Café as your break away from home. In addition the typical K-Cups that many of you have in-office, this specialty machine also makes hot or iced lattes, as well as cappuccinos and froths fresh milk, including skim, soy and almond (hello Californians!). As a bonus, it’s also energy efficient: the K-Café has a programmable auto-off feature.

Available on, $219.99 


PhilipsPhoto Credit: Philips


Sorry friends, but summer is ending and with it, the luxury for many of us who are afraid of confined spaces that aren’t our own to eat out. But you don’t have to sacrifice all of your favorite things because of Covid. With Philips’ Smoke-Less indoor grill, you have the have your burgers and steaks grilled to perfection all year long. Advanced infrared technology heats the grill up within one minute and creates evenly cooked food, while leaving the grease tray cool enough to minimize the unpleasant smoke and grease spattering. The simple two-piece design makes for easy setup and use— just put the grill on the base, and flip the switch.

Available at for $329.95

VitamixPhoto Credit: Vitamix


With your newfound health, why not do your diet a favor as well? Vitamix’s Ascent Series does your body good by whipping up the healthiest smoothies around with elite precision. But it does more than that, too. There are five program settings – which also include hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts and self-cleaning – that automatically adjust and stop when complete. It has also built-in wireless connectivity and variable speed controls that let you manually fine-tune the texture of any creation you’re making. Plus, like every other awesome tech gadget on the market, it has its own app – which showcases its 17 programs and 500+ recipes.

Available at for $599.95

BrotherPhoto Credit: Brother


Because many of us are working from home, our homes become our workspace. As such, a stellar printer is needed. That’s where Brother’s MFC-J995DW XL INKvestment Tank all-in-one inkjet printer comes in. Fingers crossed our lockdown won’t be for much longer, but if it is, this printer delivers uninterrupted printing for up to two years. That’s two years of no need to purchase ink. Additional features that make this aces are large page yields; its innovative Page Gauge system — a visual, numerical way to know the amount of ink you’ve used and the amount of ink you have remaining; versatile connection options with built-in wireless; mobile printing; an intuitive 2.7″ color touchscreen display; and unlimited support.

Available at Brother for $299.99

Kitchenaid Photo Credit: Kitchenaid


So yeah, we’re all baking more at home. And trying new recipes and making cocktails. OK, so our kitchen is our temple. And if you’re looking for a blender that’s as beautiful to look at as it is functional to use, the Kitchenaid400 is your jam. Designed to deliver the perfect taste. It features a 3-part blending system that easily blends even the toughest ingredients, from kale to almonds and more, with a powerful vortex created by the ribbed jar design, unique asymmetric blade that blends at four distinct angles, and Intelli-Speed Motor Control, which senses contents and maintains the optimal speed to power through all ingredients. There’s also a Soft Start Feature that starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade, then quickly increases to the selected speed setting to avoid splatter for those messy chefs among us (you know who you are).

Available at Kitchenaid, $249.99


Ooni Photo Credit: Ooni


Technically pizza is an Italian food. But it’s absolutely, hands-down an American staple. And why order takeout when you can make a unique pie at home on your own? That’s where Ooni comes in. These at-home pizza ovens are essential for the pizza lover/amateur chef. Fueled by real wood or charcoal, the Ooni Karu 12 cooks authentic wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds. Yep, you read that right. Which means that hour or two hour wait for your delivery guy is a thing of the past. The Karu 12 is also gas compatible – you just need to order an Ooni Gas Burner attachment to extend your fuel options. It’s custom-designed fuel tray maximizes airflow and delivers a powerful blast of searing flame – load it up with real wood or charcoal, with no excess ash to clean and even better, it’s portable as well: it weighs in at just 26.4 pounds. It’s stainless steel body is ceramic fiber-insulated, with an extra-thick Ooni Baking Stone and patented flame keeper for maximum heat retention. You’re welcome.

Available at Ooni, $349


SimplehumanPhoto Credit: Simplehuman


Zoom has a lot to answer for. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to look good – especially on days or in homes without natural light. But Simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi makes sure that you’re able to see every flaw – and thus able to fix it before your important Zoom meetings or webinars. The mirror features the brand’s tru-lux light system, which simulates natural sunlight, so you’ll always know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless. Use the light control bar to change the brightness level or check your look in softer candlelight. Simplehuman also has an innovative app which allows you to adjust access lighting presets or turn on smart features such as night light mode, which enables the mirror to act as a night light. And there’s more: this isn’t just a mirror, but a smart one — it has Alexa built-in. Its integrated speaker delivers big, rich, crystal-clear sound, while an intuitive audio control lets you adjust volume or your playlist with the touch or tap of a finger.

Available at, $300

Dr. Dennis Gross SkincarePhoto Credit: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare


If you’re finding it impossible (literally, if they still aren’t open in your state) or figuratively – to get an appointment with your facialist, thank your lucky stars for Dr. Dennis Gross, whose FDA-cleared SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro mask is setting a gold standard for at-home skincare. A combination of 100 light emitting diodes in red mode + 62 LED lights in blue mode work together to smooth wrinkles, diminish discoloration, and clear acne for a beautiful, youthful complexion. Red light emitting diode penetrate deep within skin’s dermis to boost collagen production, and blue light emitting diode destroy P. acnes bacteria to reduce redness, inflammation, and prevent future breakouts. You’ll see results in days, but optimal results occur over the course of ten weeks.

Available at, $435

Philips Photo Credit: Philips


Winter is coming, and everyone knows it. But when there are more waking hours of darkness than daylight, it’s going to be harder and harder to drag ourselves out bed in the morning. That’s where the Philips SmartSleep Connected and Wake Up Light comes in. This clinically-proven sleep and wake-up light is designed to help people relax to sleep and wake up naturally. The alarm clock has a built-in AmbiTrack sensor to measure your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels – which, in turn, gives you recommendations for better sleep. Additional features include a customizable alarm, as well as customizable light, sound, and new colored sunrise and sunset themes through your smartphone with the Philips SleepMapper App, and an FM radio, power backup, USB mobile phone charging, AUX dock with quality speaker, full dim clock and smart touch display. So yes, you will eventually have to get out of bed, but it won’t be a rude awakening by any means.

Available at starting at $219.95 

DermaflashPhoto Credit: Dermaflash


In the same way that it’s nearly impossible to make appointments with your facialist, your waxer is equally hard to get a hold of. Think of Dermaflash as their replacement while you ride out the pandemic from the safety of your home. The award-winning Dermaflash instantly removes dead skin cells, built-up debris, and pesky peach fuzz to reveal soft, smooth and younger-looking skin by removing barrier to penetration, allowing skincare to work more effectively. Meanwhile, use the 2-in-1- ultrasonic device Dermapore to unclog your pores and more deeply infuse your favorite skincare. In Extract mode, Dermapore deep cleans pores, removing dirt, oil, and blackheads. In Infuse mode, the device enhances the penetration of active ingredients in your skincare products to instantly reveal a cleaner, healthier complexion.

Available at, $199

Dyson AirwrapPhoto Credit: Dyson


When Dyson released its Supersonic Hairdryer, it became the most coveted device on the market and when it released its Airwrap Styler, the device followed suit. In this day and age, when most salons are closed, doing your own hair — and doing it well — has become a necessity. So yes, you need both of these haircare tools, especially if you’re visible on social media or utilizing Zoom for work, especially the Airwrap Styler – which styles with air, not extreme heat, harnessing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect, which curves air to attract and wrap hair to the barrel. If you don’t think you need it, well, you better think fast (and differently): this device was sold out for nearly a year and is finally back in stock. It will save your mane – and therefore your sanity during these long winter months to come – in the long run.

Available at, $449.99