A Sneak Peek Into Gucci Osteria Da Massimo Bottura In Beverly Hills Opening Later This Month

What better way to celebrate Italian culture than bringing together two of its most globally celebrated themes—food and fashion—in one, intimate setting in Beverly Hills? Februrary 2020 will mark the opening of Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills—a dining outpost by world-renowned Chef Massimo Bottura located on the roof of the Gucci Los Angeles store on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. This welcomed addition to the shopping boutique also marks the first time both Bottura and Gucci open a restaurant in the United States, while the space itself touts stunning panoramic views of Beverly Hills and outdoor seating, for locals and visitors alike to enjoy that year-round gorgeous SoCal weather.

gucci osteria da massimo bottura beverly hillsPhoto Credit: Brad Elterman

Chef Bottura’s first official partnership with Gucci began two years ago in 2018, when the two opened Gucci Osteria at the Gucci Garden in Florence, Italy; the restaurant was recently (and deservedly) awarded its first Michelin star, though that’s not surprising for three-Michelin-star Chef Bottura. But this partnership has deeper roots than that; Chef Massimo Bottura and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri actually grew up together in Modena, Italy, and have enjoyed a rich friendship that began from childhood. Both also enjoy a shared love for Italian culture (naturally), particularly in the fields of food and fashion, and continue to push the boundaries and innovate within their respective fields, allowing them to create this special space together.

Marco Bizzarri, Massimo Bottura

Photo Credit: BFA

At the helm of the kitchen will be Chef Mattia Agazzi, who worked alongside Chef Massimo Bottura and Chef Karime López—the first female Mexican chef to be recognized with a Michelin star and the chef de cuisine at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Florence. A new resident of California, Chef Agazzi formerly worked as Sous Chef under Chef López in Italy, with the three chefs bringing to life a rich, Italian menu inspired by their widespread travels, careers and passions. Signature dishes from Chef Bottura will have a place on the menu, including his world-famous Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano Cream and the Emilia Burger, while special dishes inspired by the West Coast will also be featured. In addition, the restaurant will source local and organic produce from farmers’ markets to include in the Italian dishes, representing Los Angeles’ unique placement at the forefront of innovative and world-class cuisine.

gucci osteria da massimo bottura beverly hillsPhoto Credit: Jakob Laymangucci osteria da massimo bottura beverly hillsPhoto Credit: Jakob Laymangucci osteria da massimo bottura beverly hillsPhoto Credit: Jakob Layman

The aesthetic of the space is recognizably Gucci, with details reminiscent of its Florentine sister—Gucci Décor wallpaper is used, as are antique mirrors, red marble dining tables and wicker dining chairs. Simultaneously, the restaurant will also have a distinct Los Angeles feel, with its herringbone wooden flooring and velvet banquette seating with cherry-red coloring. An outdoor dining terrace boasts Italian marble mosaic flooring and an antique wooden pulpit—the Osteria’s outdoor bar. The restaurant will be open to the public beginning February 17th, 2020, seating 50 guests for lunch and for dinner, seven days a week.

Photo Credit: Pablo Enriquez for GucciGucci Osteria - Beverly Hills - Photos by Pablo EnriquezPhoto Credit: Pablo Enriquez for Gucci