Shiran at Styled by Shi Shi Hosts High Tea For NY Moms At Queensyard

On November 4, 2019, the popular British restaurant inside Hudson Yards, Queensyard, was taken over by moms to celebrate the partnerships between Shiran at Styled by Shi Shi, Milk & Honey Babies, Silver Cross and every family’s very own Queen—the mom.

(From Left) Madelyn Mejia, Shiran, Shannel Casucci and Kay Olivia Jackson

“Queensyard provided the absolute perfect ambiance for our event in collaboration with Silver Cross and Milk and Honey Babies. Aside from the majestic Vessel views, Queensyard recently launched their high-tea experience, which was a natural fit for Silver Cross—a brand with an outstanding, long British heritage. In addition to the traditional 3:45 p.m. high-tea with pinkies up, there was an abundance of custom ‘ShiShi’ Bellinis flowing around,” said Shiran.

Moms enjoyed high tea with Lexi Plexi teethers that lined the place settings and were treated to swag diaper bags with goodies from Micralite USA, Beauty Counter, Amoy Couture NY and Heidi Klein Swim.

“Hosting this event in collaboration with Milk and Honey Babies x Silver Cross was an amazing opportunity that I consider myself lucky to partake in. Milk and Honey Babies is my go-to, one-stop-shop that offers a highly curated selection of innovative and stylish baby gear, essentials and furniture. Did I mention it is located right in the heart of Hudson Yards, surrounded by some of the trendiest and most luxe boutiques?! Every mom’s dream playground. When I think of a luxe baby’s first set of wheels, I can’t help but envision Silver Cross’ Balmoral stroller. It’s the ultimate classic pram that has been crafted by hand for over a century. Merge the two together and the outcome is fabulous,” said Shiran.

Moms were pampered with hand massages from Sunday Studio and indulged in flowing champagne and good conversation.

“My motto is that you cannot excel at this motherhood gig without taking the time to practice self-care. The rock-till you drop nighttime routine, nursing sessions and countless diaper changes with my 5-month-old can take a toll on a mom, no matter how strong you are. Building Lego empires with my preschooler, constantly negotiating with my toddler and mustering the energy to read the third book at bedtime can be exhausting at times. It’s important to carve out time for yourself whether it be a weekly manicure, fresh blow-out or night out with girlfriends. I am a firm believer that you cannot properly lead your self-made tribe at home without caring for your own,” said Shiran.


Toward the end of the event, a one-of-a-kind bespoke Silver Cross Heritage Doll’s pram was gifted from Silver Cross to Milk & Honey Babies with a honey bee pattern adorning the inside. The moms stepped out solo for this event, focusing on themselves and taking a much-needed break from the children, which according to Shiran, is important for every mother. 

“Although I am surrounded by my three children for the better part of my day, it could truly feel isolating and lonely at times, as strange as it may sound. I try to make time at least once a week to step out solo with my girlfriends and indulge in some much-needed, uninterrupted grown-up only conversation. We spent the majority of dinner sharing motherhood tales and epic mommy victories (*and fails*) over a glass of wine and lots of giggles,” said Shiran.

(right)Tiffany Khazai, Esther Silber-berg, Madelyn Mejia, Shiran, Shannel Casucci and Kay Olivia Jackson