Summer McKeen: The Trendiest Halloween Costumes Of 2019

Summer McKeenPhoto Credit: Summer McKeen

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. I’ve always loved dressing up and trying new looks so I get to have a lot of fun every October. We’ve all seen a million cats, vampires, super heroes, witches… blah blah blah you get it. But, what if it’s the day before the Halloween party, and you don’t have a costume and you do NOT want to resort to being one of the most overdone costumes I just listed? You really have to think “2019 TRENDS” and just make yourself into them; they’re sure to be a hit at any festive party! Here are some ideas:

The Joker.

I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve seen dressed up as the Joker so far this Halloween season. The new Joker movie just came out, and it is SO GOOD, so I understand why everyone (and their mother) is being this, but wow!

Any character from the show “Stranger Things.”

Specifically “Stranger Things” Season 3 since it came out this last July. The new character “Robin” works at an ice cream shop called “Scoops,” and she is found in her cute little sailor uniform in every episode so I’m predicting her outfit will be really popular this year.

Summer McKeenPhoto Credit: Summer McKeen

Any character from the show “Euphoria.”

Remember when “Euphoria” first came out, and your entire Instagram feed was selfies from your fave teen Instagrammers with the caption “Euphoria inspired makeup?” Yeah, I predict that’s how Halloween will probably be, except IRL.

Billie Eilish.

This girl blew up like crazy this year! She’s literally everywhere. She’s very famous for her huge, baggy designer clothes so being her for Halloween would actually be really easy to recreate. Let me give you a little tutorial right now: Go to Walmart. Get some XXL clothes. Paint the Chanel logo all over them. Throw on some sick sunglasses, and Boom! You’re killer pop artist/hypebeast Billie Eilish.

VSCO girl.

If you don’t already know what a VSCO girl is, you must be living under a rock. I have heard the words “VSCO girl” way too many times over the past few months. This costume would be super comfy, and I’m sure everyone would be able to recognize what you are. All you need is scrunchies, an oversized tee, a hydro-flask with stickers all over it, a puka shell necklace and your hair in a ponytail! Super simple and ultra trendy.


I feel like they’re the rival to the VSCO girl. An E-Girl or E-Boy is a super edgy, trendy-tren who probably loves Billie Eilish and tries to claim he or she can skate. Dye your hair pink. Put on a striped long-sleeve under a t-shirt. Add a bunch of chains around your neck. Draw little black hearts under your eyes, and you’re an E-Girl or E-Boy! (Oh! And don’t forget to download Tik Tok and use it allll night lol).

Summer McKeenPhoto Credit: Summer McKeen

And, those are the trendiest Halloween costumes of the year! Whether you want to stick with the classic devil/angel type costume or go ultra trendy this year, I hope you have a great Halloween!

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