Post Malone Unleashes A Category $50K Hurricane Into E11EVEN Miami

Post Malone makes it pour at E11EVEN Miami

Post Malone took center stage Saturday at E11EVEN Miami where stole the show as he performed some of his top hits including “Rockstar”, “Psycho”, and “White Iverson,”  but it wasn’t until he brought up a blue cooler full of $50,000 in singles that he really stole the show—or bought it, rather.

A category 50G storm hit E11EVEN Miami thanks to Post Malone

Photo Credit: E11EVEN Miami

The crowd, understandably—and used to giving singles—went nuts grabbing the money like rabid game show contestants. In between that, the rapper—real name Austin Richard Post—was spotted doing beer bongs at his VIP table while the club sent out a sparkler parade of cases of Bud Light. He had reasons to celebrate like the no-frills baller he is: he, along with Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, lead the nominations for this year’s American Music Awards. Let’s have him back down here after he wins and see how much he tosses out then.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McCartney and Steve Martorano

Singer Jesse McCartney and fiancée Katie Peterson celebrated their recent engagement with family and friends on Wednesday at Café Martorano. The couple has been dating since 2012. Owner Steve Martorano served up a feast of his famous dishes including linguine and clams, meatballs and fresh mozzarella, and sent multiple bottles of champagne with sparklers to celebrate. “It was a small group, but they were dancing, drinking and celebrating all night. They seem really in love,” says one spy witness.