Nate Berkus Discusses How He Whipped Up Delectable Interiors For Beverly Hills’ AndSons Chocolatiers

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When andSons, a second-generation Beverly Hills gourmet chocolatier needed to breathe some new life into its traditional retail shop in the 90210, it enlisted the big guns. In came Chef Kriss Harvey, former Executive Pastry Chef at The Bazaar by José Andrés at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, and Nate Berkus and design partner Lauren Buxbaum, who completely redesigned this lovely little chocolate shop at the corner of Brighton Way and Camden Drive.

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The boutique is now a symphony of old meets new, with many handmade touches including a cacao tree ceiling mural painted by Los Angeles artist Maggie Lochtenberg. Here, we chatted with interior designer, television personality and author Berkus about his concept, and how his aesthetic guarantees that this iconic sweet shop will be creating new fans for many more years to come.

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What drew you to the andSonsproject in the first place?

We wanted to work on this project because they have a 360 degree approach to what they do, from the quality of the confections they create, to the chocolate boxes they are sold in, to the experience of being in the store. They care deeply about every design decision, and it shows. Plus, who doesn’t want to be around chocolates all day long?

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What was interesting about it from a design perspective?

andSons are second generation chocolatiers, so we were mindful of that history, while also taking into account the brand’s modern evolution. As well as their distinctly modern Californian approach to chocolate making. The design needed to reflect all of that.

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Who are you trying to target with the decor?

Chocolate lovers, design lovers and everyone in between.

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How does the space say “LA”?

The hand painted ceiling mural – that took 288 hours to paint – adds an element of whimsy and pairs beautifully with the design of the chocolate boxes. We kept the rest of the space clean, with textured white tiles and marble countertops so it feels chic and modern.

andSonsPhoto Credit: Chris Dibble

How have you noticed the artisan chocolate scene in LA thriving / evolving recently? How is design of andSons reflective of that?

We worked hard to encompass not only the history and the invention of the brand’s modern evolution but also reflect their distinctly modern Californian approach to chocolate making.

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