Six Restaurants Around The World Billionaires Are Flocking To And What They’re Ordering

Dining is much more than a meal today—instead, luxury travelers are seeking a destination to satisfy all of their culinary cravings. From exclusively imported A5 wagyu beef served 820 feet in the air to carefully-crafted veg-centric dishes, the ultra-rich are booking flights—via private jet, of course—to indulge in once-in-a-lifetime flavors around the world. Here are six restaurants around the world they’re flying to and what they’re ordering.

Mezzaluna, Bangkok

Courtesy Mezzaluna

Soaring over 800 feet atop the world’s first vertical destination, ultra-luxe travelers are indulging in one of Thailand’s only two-Michelin starred restaurants, Mezzaluna. Known for offering the most expensive tasting menu in Thailand, Chef Ryuki Kawasaki utilizes a hyper-local sourced ingredient (from his hometown) in his signature wagyu beef dish, featured on every seasonal tasting menu. The A5 wagyu beef ingredient from Niigata, Japan only allows distribution of 100 cows annually, of which Chef Ryuki receives one cow per month to treat diners. Aside from the standout wagyu, luxury travelers are also enjoying the decadent 7-course tasting menu, which costs around $210/person and changes seasonally. After dinner, travelers can head to one of the ten unique bars at The Dome at Lebua, like the recently opened millennial pink hotspot, Pink Bar, which specializes in Lebua Hotels & Resorts-exclusive champagne blends.

The Beluga, Moscow

Courtesy The Beluga

Tastefully decorated with bohemian crystal chandeliers, The Beluga located in Moscow, Russia is the perfect restaurant for those looking for a glamorous caviar experience. The menu is hyper-focused on caviar with over 36 different caviar options in a variety of preparations and prices can reach $170 (depending on the type of caviar) and are paired with a shot of exclusive Beluga vodka or fresh lemon iced tea per 25 grams. Opt-in for a serving of Beluga black pearl caviar or fried scallop with baked potato mousse and black caviar—you won’t regret it. This upscale restaurant is perfect for ultra-luxe travelers who want to learn as they eat, as the staff is educated and willing to show the correct ways and pairings to eating each specific type of caviar.

Da Vittorio Ristorante, Brusaporto

Courtesy Da Vittorio Ristorante

Ultra-luxe travelers are experiencing creative culinary genius at Da Vittorio Ristorante by opting for the Carte Blanche option— starting at $310/person. Carefully crafted by award-winning Chef Enrico Cerea, guests can enjoy a special “trust me” dining experience where the chef prepares each dish with an original style that also takes into account the new frontiers in healthy cuisine. He incorporates fruits and vegetables as accent flavors in all his elegant dishes including roasted pigeon and burnt tomatoes or duck breast with grilled-oriental flavored apricot. If the Carte Blanch options sound too adventurous, we suggest ordering from the a la carte menu. You can’t go wrong with the pork belly, char-grilled langoustines and Lobster, “Puttanesca style” calembour.

Arpége, Paris

Courtesy Arpége

A veg-centric paradise, Arpège is a three-Michelin starred restaurant and a bucket list destination for vegetarian travelers. Helmed by Chef Alain Passard, each seasonal offering is hand-picked off his biodynamic farms in Sarthe, Eure and Manche. Affluent travelers are indulging in the vegetable tasting menu, which starts at $375/person and includes an 11-course meal crafted with fresh produce delivered daily from one of Chef Passard’s farms. Known in the culinary world as never seeing the inside of a refrigerator, the chef has fresh produce hand-picked and delivered daily. Standout dishes include the trilogy of ravioli, ratatouille and tomatoes in carpaccio.

Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, Berlin

Courtesy Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

Known as one of the most extravagant restaurants in Germany, Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer’s elegantly-plated European dishes stimulate diners’ senses with vibrant colors, tastes and scents. Chef Hendrik Otto draws inspiration from original family recipes combining authentic cuisine with adventurous ingredients to create bold new flavors and edible plate décor. At this two-Michelin starred eatery, guests are indulging in a 6-course tasting menu, starting at $330/person, which features a variety of dishes. We suggest ordering the cream and parfait of goose liver sweetened with citrus fruits or Langoustine and Octopus with an artichoke and green coriander base.

Zuma, New York

Courtesy Zuma

Zuma offers an innovative spin on contemporary Japanese cuisine, pairing exotic, internationally-inspired dishes with downtown chic décor to create an exceptional dining experience. Inspired by the informal style of Japanese dining, Izakaya, Zuma’s extravagant omakase tasting menus feature a myriad of dishes made with exclusive ingredients hand-picked and sourced from small farms across Japan. Regularly rotating to match the best available seasonal product, Zuma’s omakase starts at $225/person and includes crowd favorites like the signature black miso cod and yellowtail sashimi. The authentic and interactive atmosphere attracts high-level executives and a celebrity crowd who opt-in for the omakase experience to indulge in all elements of Japanese culture without leaving New York.