Faena Gave The Rolling Stones Shelter As Dorian Teased Miami’s Shoreline

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Septuagenarian sensations The Rolling Stones weren’t going to let the threat of a hurricane—crossfire or otherwise—stop them from rocking the Hard Rock Stadium Friday night like it was their last show ever (and it very well may be, though we hope not). Although they had to move the show date up from Saturday to Friday, the Stones were nothing short of zen Thursday when they were spotted on their balconies at the Faena looking out to the ocean for a glimpse of the weather.


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According to Mick Jagger, he spent much of his time at the swanky hotel watching the news of the impending storm, but at the show, he told the audience he was viewing the actual wildlife from his balcony. He told the crowd he saw a lizard and a python, joking and evoking a certain, er, political figure he has railed against before, “send them back!” Jagger, 76, was accompanied by his significant other, 32-year-old Melanie Hamrick, and their 2-year-old son Deveraux, all seen on the balcony looking down at the animal action below.

Also seen outside, the indefatigable Keith Richards, sporting an amusing and appropriate T-shirt that said, “Do Not X-Ray,” and Ron Wood, possibly feeling nostalgic over the days when he owned pre-fabulous South Beach nightlife hot spot, Woody’s.

Rolling StonesPhoto Credit: Shutterstock