Fashion Designer, DJ & Desolat Label Founder Loco Dice On Touring With Snoop & Why He Is Still Hip Hop

Not too many people can say they have dabbled in both music and fashion and done it successfully, but that’s just what German DJ, fashion designer and Desolat label founder Loco Dice has done.

The Dusseldorf artist has not only been playing sold-out headline shows and festivals worldwide, but appearing alongside fashion industry heavyweights like Marcelo Burlon and Virgil Abloh, and collaborating with clothing brands, including Daily Paper on collections as he works between both worlds. 

His remix album with Virgil Abloh, DJ Tennis and Ellen Allien was released yesterday. We caught up with the electronic music artist to discuss his recent visit to New York’s Fashion Week and making the transition from hip hop to house music.

You were just in New York for Fashion Week. How did it go?

It was great. I played at an after party and just took it easy there this year. I wanted to see it more from the outside in, as I take more inspiration observing people.

After collaborating with many clothing brands, is this something you are interested in exploring more?

It depends. Everything has to be organic when it happens. It has to have a story; that’s what makes it real. I’m still a musician, still a DJ, not a fashion designer. I like to do my own creations when I see a collaboration with a brand.

Tell us a little about your journey from starting out in hip hop before making the transition to house music.

I was very respected in the the German scene as a rapper performing with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Mary J. Blige. Then there came a time in hip hop when the music didn’t speak to me as much. Biggie died; ‘Pac died and I was exploring myself with new sounds. Everything then started working very well for me, but I am still hip hop. That’s my culture and by listening to my music now, you can tell it’s still in me.

On your third studio album “Love Letters” that was released last year, you featured your own vocals more frequently. Who were some musical influences when creating this album?

For “Love Letters,” I got inspired by my own stuff to be brave to say ‘you are hip hop.’ I started playing with the microphone and the music just started happening with no pressure. I make music like a movie director. This album was more like let’s go back to my roots.

Speaking of which, after producing the first single “Roots,” you have said the rest of the music for the album just came together. Can you elaborate on that?

The name of “Roots” was initially “Love Letters.” That’s how the idea came about, so I produced “Roots” with vocals and an homage to Dusseldorf where I great up. Each track was a love letter. It’s my roots and where I come from.

Photo Credit: Listen Up Music Promotion

How would you say “Love Letters” differs from your past albums?

All of my albums are different. With “Underground Sound Suicide,” there were many thing that I had to work with in my mind. I was angry, sad and disappointed, but I wanted to experiment. With “Love Letters,” I’m free. There’s nothing to prove.

What have been the most memorable experiences of your career?

Discovering electronic music, becoming a real hip hop act and going with Snoop Dogg on his German tour. For the second reborn Dice, I would say when I discovered electronic music and going to Ibiza.

You have been performing at some of the world’s biggest dance festivals for nearly two decades. How do you keep things fresh?

I don’t think in numbers. I think to the next one. I don’t need to motivate myself. I’m motivated every weekend. I give 100 percent and surround myself only by positive people. I am always looking forward. I love to talk to my fans. It gives me the freshness and energy. I want to always be challenged.

What do you have planned for 2020?

It will actually be the same-same, but different [laughs]. I was born and raised in Germany, so planning is essential. I am going to try to get away from things that aren’t worth it. I will be looking at the quality of the gigs and remixes, and will give myself time to breathe with collaborations. I am constantly thinking of new stuff. I want to continue like this. Quality will always be winning.