Graham McTavish On Wreaking Havoc On “Lucifer” & The Apocalyptic End Of “Preacher”

Graham McTavishPhoto Credit: IKI IKRAM

Graham McTavish has continued to make his way through Hollywood as a multi-faceted, veteran actor. He currently stars as The Saint of Killers in the AMC series “Preacher”—based on the comic book series of the same name—with Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga, produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and Father Kinley on Fox’s “Lucifer.” You might also recognize this New Zealand-born actor from the award-winning Starz series, “Outlander;Peter Jackson’s blockbuster “The Hobbit” franchise; “The Finest Hours” with Chris Pine and Casey Affleck; “Creed” and “Rambo” with Sylvester Stallone; and “Columbiana” with Zoe Saldana. We chatted with McTavish about his role on “Lucifer,” the end of “Preacher” and how—at almost 60 years old!—his secret to staying in such great shape.
Graham McTavishPhoto Credit: IKI IKRAM

You certainly wreaked a lot of havoc on “Lucifer” this season this season. What did you most enjoy about how your character ‘Father Kinley’ affected Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship?

I loved the huge change from Kinley to Dromos. As an actor it’s rare to get the chance to play two characters in the same show. As for Chloe and Lucifer, it is interesting to explore a character who believes he is doing “good” and the resulting harm that can come from that.

We don’t know what to make of him when we first meet him. How did you approach the subtleties of playing a character who may not be as virtuous as he appears?

You have to play the truth of the character whatever it is, and you have to find an inner guiding compass to his behavior, good or bad.

Tell us two truths and a lie about “Lucifer.”

Lauren German has a wonderfully twisted sense of humor.
Tom Ellis has a PHD in Mathematics.
I chose Dromos’s costume.

Graham McTavishPhoto Credit: IKI IKRAM

What can we expect from the Saint of Killers as “Preacher” comes to an apocalyptic end this season?

You can expect him to be true to himself and true to the original material. You can expect his vengeance to burn red hot!

There are many theories floating around regarding the Saint of Killers and the show’s conclusion. Do you think fans will be satisfied with the outcome?

As a fan myself I am very satisfied with the Saint of Killers’ conclusion. I think the fans will be happy….

Does Seth Rogen ever give you creative input on “Preacher?” If so, what is it?

Seth always emphasized the minimalist style of the Saint of Killers. His economy of movement, and speech. Allowing my presence to speak. To allow that level of confident intimidation to build….

You split your time between LA and New Zealand. What (and where, specifically) do you love about each place?

New Zealand is a wonderful playground for anyone with a love for the outdoors. It’s a great place to bring up kids too. Los Angeles has a unique energy and for anyone in my business it is where you can truly test yourself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without both of those amazing places.

Graham McTavishPhoto Credit: IKI IKRAM

Have you found that James Cameron and Peter Jackson have increased tourism in New Zealand, especially among the Hollywood crowd?

Hollywood has definitely seen the potential of New Zealand as a filming destination but it is the non-Hollywood public who have really come and fallen in love with the jewel of the South Pacific.

I just saw a video of you working out and looking VERY strong. What’s your workout routine, specifically?

I concentrate on keeping my heart rate high with a combination of Tabata training, TRX, dynamic functional movement, and exercises mainly using my own body weight.

At almost 60, you’re physically crushing it. Does that take a specific amount of dedication and stamina? Would you say getting physically fit has become more challenging as you get older?

Staying fit is a life long journey. It’s always hard whatever your age but that shows you that your doing it right! I have young children so I need to keep fit to keep up!

Graham McTavishPhoto Credit: IKI IKRAM