A Sunday At Home With Jewelry Designer, Melissa Lovy

Melissa LovyPhoto Credit: Melissa Lovy

Written by: Melissa Lovy

Often, I have to pinch myself looking at where the Melissa Lovy brand has come from its inception. As a modern-day entrepreneur, taking on the digital e-commerce industry, my weeks are filled with an array of design, production, photoshoots, influencer meetings and more. I get to live out my dream daily—it has been and is an incredible journey and I am just getting started! With a growing jewelry brand, my husband’s busy work schedule (on-call as an orthopedic surgeon) and my little girls that are growing up too quickly, Sundays have become my serenity. I want to give everyone a peek into how I spend them:

BRIGHT AND EARLY No matter what day of the week, I wake up at 6 a.m. sharp. I am a coffee addict and the start of each day must involve a cup of coffee with almond milk. My girls wake up around 7:00 a.m. and I then whisk up pancakes using F-Factor 20/20 powder. It is our family ritual, being big breakfast people.

Melissa LovyPhoto Credit: Melissa Lovy

DRESS UP [My daughters] Samarah and Ella have personalities larger than life and they take their outfit choices very seriously. I spend probably 30 minutes on their bedroom floor, watching as they strut their morning runway show until they land on the perfect playground attire. We then head out to one of our favorite local parks, and I watch them run around the sandbox or beg for a push on the swing.

FAMILY TIME My family lives on Long Island and [my husband] Drew and I typically try to bring the girls out there on weekends for brunch. I am one of five children, so it is always the best time getting our big family together to reconnect and catch up on everyone’s days.

NAP TIME The girls go down after our brunch and it gives Drew and I that time to reconnect and capture a few moments of silence. Our schedules are so hectic during the week, with me constantly at the helm of a massive business and Drew being an orthopedic surgeon who is typically on call three out of four weeks of the month. Whether it’s watching a favorite TV show together, sipping some more coffee in our bedroom or driving back from Long Island, it is these moments that I need.

PLAY The girls sleep for about an hour and a half, and from the moment they open their eyes they are ready to swim. Samarah is a little mermaid, she loves the water and helping her little sister learn to kick. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them playing and giggling!

Melissa LovyPhoto Credit: Melissa Lovy

DINNER I always cook for my girls. Some of my usual dishes that they love are mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and homemade pizza. Once the girls have had their bath and are in their pajamas, we have 15 minutes of story time before I tuck them in for the night at 7:30 p.m. Once the girls are down, Drew and I typically order sushi and watch a few quick episodes of re-runs of Friends or The Office.

BRAINSTORMS & DREAM Every Sunday I always take a bubble bath. I find it the best way to decompress and relax. I’ll try to refrain from checking my email until Monday morning, but usually, I get caught up on a few before shutting off for the night. The way I end every evening is with my skincare routine. I usually give my followers a peek at it on Instagram (@melissalovy). Besides its obvious beauty benefits, it’s become a calming nightly routine I do to get myself settled and unnerved to ramp up for the week ahead.