“Selling Sunset” Star Chrishell Hartley On Going From Rags To Riches, Real Estate Tips + The Reality Of Love With Husband Justin Hartley Of “This Is Us”

Chrishell HartleyPhoto Credit: Corina Marie Howell
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Chrishell Hartley is a woman that seems to have it all: A high-powered career as one of LA’s top real estate agents, a hit reality TV show in Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” which focuses on The Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage dealing in luxury homes in L.A., and a high-profile marriage to “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley. But despite her beauty and success, Hartley didn’t always have it all: the former soap star spent much of her early life homeless. We chatted to her about her rags to riches reality, and the juxtaposition of how she finds that work-life balance as she focuses on her career while also keeping her marriage fresh and flourishing.

Chrishell HartleyPhoto Credit: Corina Marie Howell

What are your hacks to “Selling Sunset?” If you were buying in LA, where/what area would you look to and why right now?

The Valley is the place to be and buy right now. Your dollar goes further, great schools, trendy restaurants and businesses are opening every day which will continue to drive up prices. Now is the time to buy!

What are some things viewers DON’T see behind the scenes of the show?

Racks of clothing, shoes, and purses, normally hidden just out of frame because we use the office as our ground zero it tends to get a bit crazy.

Was your husband supportive of you signing on to a reality show? How, if so?

Of course he had his concerns as anyone would, but he has seen me go from lugging books to my real estate classes to selling multi-million dollar homes. He loves that I am so driven and he supports me in letting me know that I only have to be there if it makes me happy. If it is a great positive experience he is always so happy for me. And if I ever decided it was all too much, he would bring the getaway car!

Chrishell Hartley
Chrishell with husband Justin Hartley

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Given that both you and your husband have such high-profile jobs, do you have any secrets for keeping the romance alive in your relationship?

Don’t ever get too busy to listen and connect because if you let yourself get stuck in that cycle, what are you actually working for anyway? Oh and lingerie -ha!

Is being a stepmom hard work? What are the challenges, and how did you overcome them?

There are many challenges and every situation is different. In general, I think the main thing is to be consistent. If a child has divorced parents, the best thing you can do is help add stability to their lives.

Chrishell HartleyPhoto Credit: Corina Marie Howell

What are some of your favorite spots in LA right now (restaurants, boutiques, spa personal favorites, etc?

DAMA is a hidden gem of a restaurant done by the same people that did Black Market which is a great restaurant/bar that never disappoints. If you are looking to throw a few back with your girlfriends, go to TomTom. And speaking of keeping the romance alive in a relationship, I just found Honey Birdette and it’s my new favorite boutique.

What, in your opinion, is the most romantic spot in LA and why?

There is a sexy little wine bar in the valley that I love. Augustine is always filled with couples on dates.

What has been the greatest career learning experience of your life so far and why?

I’ve many times been paid far less than what I should have because being raised very poor, I had a mentality that I was just grateful to be there. I had to overcome that type of thinking.

Chrishell HartleyPhoto Credit: Netflix/Selling Sunset