Baccarat + Lady M Will Offer Sweet Surprises This Summer Via A Luxury Cake Truck

Lady M + Baccarat Photo Credit: Samantha Nandez/

French luxury brand Baccarat and Lady M Cake Boutique, which is known for creating elegant, multi-layered Mille Crêpes cakes, have come together to create a sweet new venture: a luxury cake truck.

Lady M + BaccaratPhoto Credit: Samantha Nandez/

The 28-f00t, multi-functional luxury truck, as fashioned by 3D artist Kurt Wenner (who invented 3D Pavement Art in the 1980s, and embraced the digital age by creating Interactive 3D Art and pioneered bringing art outdoors and is famous for integrating the public into his images) will launch in New York City at the Baccarat Boutique on Madison Avenue, and travel across the country before officially opening in Northern California this August.

Lady M + BaccaratPhoto Credit: Samantha Nandez/

The experience, obviously, will be a great one, thanks to both the beautiful interiors provided by Baccarat and the delicious Lady M confections. It’s seriously a feast for the eyes. On the exterior, Baccarat has mounted two large Tuile de Crystal Chandeliers ($29,100 each) and one small Tuile de Crystal ($12,600) that will gracefully suspend from two long beams. Four Baccarat Mille Nuits Torch sconces ($2,150 each) will mount on either side of the service windows.

Lady M + BaccaratPhoto Credit: Samantha Nandez/

During the day, Lady M will service those who pre-order cakes. During the evening, the truck will provide an entirely different experience: The truck will illuminate the night and create an outdoor dining experience for those who want to experience both brands. Under the beautiful Baccarat chandeliers, Lady M will serve their elegant, handmade layered cakes on beautiful Baccarat Arabesque dessert plates ($260 each). Cold beverages will be served in Everyday Baccarat tumblers ($470 for a set of six), and warm beverages will be served in Baccarat Harcourt Talleyrand tumblers ($370 for a set of 2). Six tables will be adorned with Baccarat Bon Jour Versailles ($2,400 each) lamps designed by Philippe Starck. Within the experience, Baccarat has created custom made iPads with access to Baccarat’s digital catalog of all its products as well as a direct link to e-commerce for those who want to learn more about the 255-year-old French luxury brand, or to give its guests an opportunity to “buy now.”

Lady M + BaccaratPhoto Credit: Samantha Nandez/​ Exact tour dates will be announced on a microsite tracking the cake truck’s journey throughout California.  Lady M + BaccaratPhoto Credit: Samantha Nandez/