Afrojack Teams Up With Sprayground For New Backpack + An Exclusive Interview With The Grammy-Winning DJ

Global backpack and accessories brand, Sprayground, has recently teamed up with Grammy-winning dutch DJ and music executive Afrojack, to develop a music and fashion inspired lifestyle bag with practical functionality called “Afroshark.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sprayground x Afrojack

“As a DJ on the road, it’s hard to find a fashionable and functional backpack for a touring artist who can hold all the necessary items needed all in one place,” Afrojack said. “I’ve been wanting to work with a brand like Sprayground who continues to make dope designs and versatile products and I’m excited to get this backpack out for the fans!”Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sprayground x Afrojack

Sprayground dialed into functionality for this partnership, making it ideal for the fashion-forward, particularly with multiple carrying options and a padded laptop compartment that can accommodate a 17-inch laptop. The backpack has as a sleek, chic,all-white design made with vegan leather, flaunting the infamous “shark mouth” logo in a classy bold red and black colorway. This winning design has designated partitions for USB sticks, wires and cables, microphones, compact cameras, external hard drives and other accessories securely stored in zipped compartments.

Afrojack is currently on tour this summer and set to perform in NYC on August 30th at the ElectricZoo music festival. Haute Living caught up with the famed DJ and music producer for an exclusive look into his creative process, the artists he wants to collaborate with and what makes him, Afrojack. 

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sprayground x Afrojack

HL: We know you’re working on a new album, what can your fans expect from it?

AJ: Sober [the song that premiered during this year’s Ultra Music Festival] is just the start but it’s gonna be a combination, you know. I’m not sure, but I’m definitely releasing both a lot of songs and a lot of club music in the next year.

HL: You recently hosted the Global Remix Battle, what motivated you to host it and do you have plans for another in the future?

AJ: We are actually planning the next one right now. We found four artists and the [two] winners, we signed. We are working together with them now on a steady base. We’re going to plan another one and we hope to sign more talent. Actually, one of the guys that we signed played with me during my Ultra set.

HL:  You’re a very sought after producer and one of the most innovative artists in the world. How have you progressed throughout the years as Afrojack?

AJ: I don’t really believe in evolution as an artist, you know, we’re all people. I quit drinking, and I quit smoking, and I quit the hard party [lifestyle]. I used to love the clubbing scene. Recently, I’ve been like a lot healthier, and like I said I quit drinking, quit smoking earlier, but also I get a lot more work done [because of this]. And that’s really something I’m striving for as a person and trying to get as much as possible out of my time, instead of just partying and having fun. I’m trying to continuously grow as a person and find the artist inside.

HL: Is there someone you haven’t collaborated with that you would love to?

AJ: I get this question a lot, and I used to think of all these artists. But honestly, I am very happy with the people I am working with right now. I would like to work more with artists that I have signed, as well as up and coming artists.