Natalia Neverko Reimagines This Brickell Apartment With An Opulent Design

With vivid blue touches and a modern art deco inspiration, Miami interior designer Natalia Neverko was able to bring an opulent yet modern design to this stunning Brickell apartment.

The young professional couple Neverko was designing for inspired her artistic vision as she wanted to create an inviting open space.

“We [the couple and I] were on the same page with the design and style. We both wanted to emphasize the open space. I also made sure to use the latest materials including porcelain, lots of unique lighting fixtures, soft fabrics, and a touch a blue,” Neverko said.

Innovative technology was also a key inspiration in Neverko’s designs. Mixing modern technology with art deco décor allowed Neverko to play with specific design elements to create the ideal space for her clients.

“The theme was modern meets technology. In the living room we used LED panels for the light behind the sofa. You can program the apartment’s light control from an iPad or your phone, so it’s like a smart home as well. We used a lot of fabrics, lots of lighting and soft materials. The sofa and living room chair are designed by Minotti, a top Italian furniture brand. We wanted to incorporate sleek and clean lines all over with touches of color,” Neverko said.

The key to delivering effective designs is a personal connection and direct communication with her clients. This ensures a smooth process leaving both parties fulfilled.

“The clients have to feel comfortable with me so I can create what they want. They were very open about what they wanted,” Neverko said.

The final project brought visions to reality with modern designs, nostalgic art deco elements and an open space ideal for this young couple.

Photos courtesy of Natalia Neverko