Michelle Borth (AKA Mary Marvel) On Playing The Ultimate Superhero(ine) In “Shazam”

Michelle Borth Photo Credit: JSquared Photography

For anyone who’s seen “Shazam,” Michelle Borth‘s part in the DC Comics superhero franchise film starring Zachary Levi came as a surprise as she was revealed to be Mary Marvel, the grown-up, superhero version of Mary Broomfield. We couldn’t resist chatting with Borth—who may be best known for portraying Navy Lieutenant Catherine Rollins on CBS’ Golden Globe nominated series “Hawaii 5-0″ as well as “Wonderland” opposite Kate Bosworth and Carrie Fisher and Endgame Entertainment’s “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” opposite Jason Sudeikis and Lake Bell—about her heroic new endeavor, as well as how she’s heroic in real life.

Michelle BorthPhoto Credit: JSquared Photography

Let’s talk about Shazam! What can you tell us about your character? Who is she? What’s her motivation?

Well, I play the adult superhero version of Mary, and she is the best version of herself. As a teen Mary is very mature for her age, somewhat uptight, stressed, and takes on the responsibility of second “mother” to her younger foster siblings, as a superhero she’s able to just let go and have fun. So, I get to bring a fierce, confident, but lighter and fun version of her.

Has being a superhero(ine) always been a dream? Why or why not?

To be honest, I don’t think I realized I wanted to be a superhero so bad until I had this incredible opportunity to be one. Now it’s the greatest the gift in the world to me. I love being able to offer a strong female character for young women to look up to. Being a positive role model, and having a platform such as this is a responsibility I care deeply about.

Michelle BorthPhoto Credit: JSquared Photography

Do you try to be a hero on the daily? How if so?

I think I do! Well, I try to at least. I am just human after all. Sometimes it’s a simple as just being kind to others, and being a good person. Every day I try to do at least one selfless act, whether it be volunteering, to giving a generous tip to a server you can tell is having a bad day. We don’t actually need real superhero powers to be heroes, a little bit of love and empathy goes a long way.

What was the camaraderie like on set? Who were you closest to?

It was ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing! I can’t really articulate how incredible the casting for the “adults” was because we all immediately became best friends. I think it’s because we’re all genuinely nerds, and we spent pretty much every minute of the day with each other, even when we weren’t shooting, which is pretty rare. Normally, after shooting all day, you want a little bit of space, but not us! We truly became a family through this process, and still are in contact on a daily basis. Meagan Good and I became attached at the hip, I found not only a best friend but a sister. She’s one of the most incredible woman I’ve ever met, we hit it off from day one and ever since then we officially named ourselves Ebony & Ivory.

Michelle BorthPhoto Credit: JSquared Photography

Did you have a favorite moment of filming? What was it?

My favorite moment of shooting was probably the big reveal in the film. We were all together and it was a huge moment for all of us to share together as a family. Zach [Levi] and Ross [Butler] are the consummate DJ’s so we always had some great 80’s music playing between shots, so it was like a big dance party for us as well.

Can you share a story that resonates from filming?

It would have to be the theme of family. The film has a message about how we sometimes can find family in the most unlikely places if we choose to. I never expected to work on this film and walk away with a group of friends so close, and whom I trust like family. During the holidays last year I got really sick and spent sometime in the hospital. The first people I told was my Shazam family, and when I came out of surgery my girl Meagan was one of the first faces I saw. I’m so forever grateful for their support, and is something I’ll never forget.

What’s up next for you after Shazam?

I’ve got some things in the works, time will tell :)