Kate Bosworth’s Style Thief is APP-Ropriately Fashionable

Given that she consistently tops
each and every “Best Dressed” list, it’s appropriate that Kate Bosworth would venture into the realm of fashion tech. The Big Sur star has partnered with Samantha Russ, the daughter of American Rag Cie co-owner Larry Russ, to launch “Style Thief,” an iPhone app through which you can “snap and steal” an item that you covet via an image search that helps you directly discover where to buy said piece.

This isn’t the newlywed’s first foray into the world of fashion: Style Thief’s chief marketing officer launched and helped to design JewelMint with stylist Cher Coulter in 2010, and also launched two collections for British retailer Topshop. We sat down with the stunning 31-year-old actress to talk fashion, Style Thief, and her surprising guilty pleasure: country music.


Did you have an epiphany when it came to the inception of Style Thief, or was it more of a slow burning idea? 

Everyone can relate to the feeling of “fashion envy”—whether it’s a dress on a passerby [walking down] the street, on a blog, or from an editorial in a magazine. Style Thief is an app that utilizes digital recognition from a photograph in order to search desired fashion. A user can take a photo of a person, an editorial in a magazine, or a screenshot online, download it to Style Thief, and the app will find exact or similar fashion in real time. I am a founding partner of the app. The app is a concept I find both useful and inspirational as a fashion consumer in the world.

What are some of the items you’ve found while using the app that you now consider to be staples?

The Valentino Red dress I wore to our Style Thief Los Angeles launch party, and a pair of metallic wedge sandals I could not find anywhere. I put the description in our search bar and found them at TheCorner.com. I also love using the app to watch pricier items that have become discounted; it’s addictive. I found the coolest Isabel Marant mini dress this way on sale!

How did the idea for the app come about?

My partner Samantha Russ had the original concept. She and I met and we developed the idea a bit further. The rest is history.

How has the experience been? Would you do another? If so, what kind?

Starting a company from the ground up is an enormous amount of work. It is a continually growing and developing entity. Where you end up may not be where you expected the company to grow originally. One must be open, flexible, and perceptive. This start-up app is enough for now! It’s 24/7 for me.

What are the challenges associated with becoming an entrepreneur, and where do you want to see this go?

The sheer amount of work it takes to begin—and then plan for the growth of the company and trajectory—is a bit like climbing to the basecamp of Everest and then looking up to the summit. It’s both exhilarating and overwhelming. I would love to see Style Thief becoming the go-to for searching desired fashion online. In terms of growth, I am interested in the element of discovery and becoming a platform to introduce cool new brands, items and fashion, in becoming a curated, trusted space.

Are there one or two looks that you’ve seen on red carpets that you have replicated?

I look more to the runways for inspiration by designers like Proenza Schouler, Joseph Altuzarra, Raf Simmons, Olivier Theyskens and Nicolas Ghesquiere, to name a few.

You’ve done collaborations with Topshop before. Might this morph into your own fashion line? Is this something you’d seriously consider? 

I consider it seriously. Currently I am working on a collaboration that will launch in spring 2015. My goal is to learn as much as possible from people more knowledgeable than me, and to then apply the knowledge to the next stage, and so on.

What is your personal fashion “best” of all time? What did you love about it?

I was really proud of the suede laser cut out detail pieces I designed for Topshop. I wore the dove grey separates to Coachella two years ago.

Which five L.A. stores do you most frequent, and what are you shopping for at each?

I love Opening Ceremony for its directional designer selection. Satine also has a very solid group of cool designers. Barneys is a trusted staple for all things, whether you are looking for something special or casual. Decades for vintage. OK is amazing for gifts and special home decorations.

You’ve sung now in a few different advertisements. Is a musical career something you’ve considered or been approached to do? Would you ever consider releasing an album? Why or why not?

An album is unlikely, but I am fascinated by music and would love to play a character who embodies this. At the moment, my husband is writing a screenplay to direct in which I would play a country singer. I’m a huge country music fan.

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Spending time at our property in Montana with my husband, cooking a great meal, drinking whiskey and playing pinball late into the night. Love has no whys…