Supermodel & Social Media Sensation Lindsey Pelas On Her Podcast & New Restaurant Investment

Social media sensation Lindsey Pelas aka “Instagram’s Ultimate Southern Belle” has more than 13 million social media followers who follow her impressive modeling career and podcast Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas.” Right now, she is looking forward to the opening of Sugar Taco, her latest investment in a new plant-based Mexican restaurant scheduled to open in Los Angeles in mid-May.

We caught up recently with the Louisiana native to discuss her road to becoming a social media superstar, how she handles negativity and the one opportunity she is most proud of.

Congratulations on gearing up for the opening of LA’s next hotspot Sugar Taco, an all-women-owned and operated restaurant soon to serve plant-based eats (opening in mid-May). Can you tell us how this opportunity come about?

I was interviewing my friend, Jayde Nicole, on my podcast and had watched her back in the day when she was on “The Hills.” She told me about her plans to open a plant-based restaurant and asked if I was interested in investing. I was so not down with that because restaurants are a risky investment. Then I later got talking with some of the other investors (Emily Sears, Daniella Monet, Tina Louise, Tiffany Toth and Jessica Hall) and decided to get on board. I called Jayde back and asked her if I could be a part of it. I am really excited about the opening.

You have an enormous social media following. How did you go from a small town girl from Louisiana to becoming a social media superstar?

About four years ago when Instagram was really starting, I started posting selfies and was bartending at the time. It grew pretty fast. It was kind of fun. Then I decided to move to LA and met this guy who was the king of Instagram. We started dating and he said he would make me Internet famous. We did a viral video shoot and it just took off. There are so many supermodels in LA that I never thought I would do well in LA. I had thought about moving to Las Vegas, but then I was asked what decision would you make if fear was not an option? I realized then I would take the risk and move to LA.


Was launching your lifestyle podcast a way to show your fans a different side of you?

Yeah, I think so. People on the podcast saw a different side of me. I was a guest on Jenny McCarthy’s podcast and people would tell me all the time I should make my own. I do a podcast on Twitter where we talk about everything from politics to pop culture.

Is it safe to say you spend the majority of your day on social media?

My daily schedule is all over the place. I balance the Internet stuff and endorsements. It’s a full spectrum of management. It’s a business so I really have to take the time to manage it.

How do you handle negativity when it comes to social media?

I was harassed and made fun of on blogs before Instagram. There have been nasty blogs where people just pick you apart. I had to deal with a lot of painful stuff before Instagram. It’s hard because people used to circle your eye makeup or talk about plastic surgery they think you have had. To see people breaking me apart body part by body part is crazy. I feel like life rewards positivity, which is the secret to life, karma and success. Now, it only affects me if I am having a bad day. My worry now is that I feel my life is becoming more public. I am nervous about showing my dating life on TV, but I will deal with it.

What do you think is the key to becoming a social media sensation?

To be authentic. People like authenticity. Keep your brands selective. I can go three days without posting a photo. I look at the big picture and like to create a bit of mystery. One of my favorite things is sharing photos of my dog, Tosh. I love when people ask me how he is doing.

You have appeared in everything from magazines and movies to TV shows and you have your own calendar. What opportunity would you say you are most proud of?

Oh my gosh, my calendar is one of my favorites. It was my own business to be able to make something from top to bottom.