Jade Hassouné Shares What To Expect From The “Shadowhunters” Series Finale

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It’s the beginning of the end for Jade Hassouné”: in terms of his hit Freeform/Netflix show, “Shadowhunters,” that is. As the show—which is based on Cassandra Clare’s best-selling series “The Mortal Instruments”—prepares for its May 6 finale, the Lebanese-Canadian actor reflects on his time on set. Hassouné, who is best known for series like “Orphan Black” and “Heartland,” plays the magical Meliorn in this award-winning supernatural dramatic series, which took home four 2018 E! People’s Choice Awards, including The Show of 2018 and The Binge Worthy Show of 2018. He chats with Haute Living about his time on the show, what fans might expect from the finale and what’s coming up next when “Shadowhunters” wraps.

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Was the ending of “Shadowhunters” bittersweet for you or were you ready for the series to end?

I’ve always been someone who looks forward to the future and all the potential that it holds, so it was more exciting than anything. The bittersweetness comes from knowing we (the cast) won’t be working together again in this manner. We had so much fun together on set and have so many memories. But the good thing is we still travel the world together and share that with each other, and I’ve made some life-long friends who I’ll always cherish. Also the fans are going strong for the rest of our lives. So we are good!

What was your last day of filming like? Was it a party? Were there tears? Specifics, please!

The last day of shooting was a big scene with pretty much every single one of us present! It was like a big summer camp day! Always such fun to be a big group. I had to fly back to Europe so I missed the final moment and party but I definitely know there was a lot of champagne!

What can you tell us about your character, Meliorn?

Yes! Meliorn is a faery, a seelie. (An elf basically). Seelies are half-angel/half-demon hybrids, they are neither good or bad. They have existed since the beginning of time and live in their own dimension. They observe humanity and don’t get involved unless they can benefit or affect “the greater good” (in their eyes). Meliorn is the Queen of Faerie’s right hand man and representative, he is also the leader of the Seelie Army. He is somewhat of a slave to the queen and is indebted to her (back story in the books) but he also loves Isabelle Lightwood and would do anything to help her and her friends when he can.

ShadowhuntersPhoto Credit: Mike Pont

Are you particularly close to any of the cast members? Who, if so?

Yes! I love all of them, I am the closest with Alberto [Rosende] and Dom [Sherwood] in terms of daily hangouts, but I have a close friendship with everyone in our own way.

You’re working on music now as well. Can you tell us more about your upcoming EP?

Absolutely!! This is what I’m the most excited about! My EP is called “Love Letter To A Fandom,” and it is dedicated to the Shadowhunters fandom as well as my fans I’ve met throughout my life. They have changed my life and so this is my way to continue our connection and celebrate moving into the future without feeling any sort of “end” or “loss”. The fans will have the opportunity to make art for my project, like the cover art for my album, singles, t-shirts and fashion pieces for my music video. There will be contests to have the chance to be the one who designs artwork, so please sign up for my newsletter for more info. If you think you have the talent to share and collaborate with me, head on to Jadehassoune.com. My first single Insta Story comes out this June!

ShadowhuntersPhoto Credit: Mike Pont

What inspired you to venture into music? What’s your sound? Who are your inspirations?

I’ve always done music and was waiting for the right time to launch and morph my career as a music artist. This is it! J4DE is a pop artist about to be birthed. A lot of tropical house influences, some hiphop, some trap, but all under the umbrella of pop! Lady Gaga, Allie X, Drake, Kevin Roldan, Dref Quila, the Blaze, Diplo, Logic, the list goes on.

Why did you title your EP “Love Letter to a Fandom”?

I want to thank the fans for having showered me with so much love. I want to give back to them. I want us to share a deeper connection and to enjoy music together and celebrate our life. I am allowed to travel the world because of them now, to meet them, and I want this to continue, even after the TV show. It’s dedicated for what we’ve built together.


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What’s next for you career-wise?

I have a few TV series and films that I recently shot and they will be released soon! But J4DE is the main gig and excitement!

What is something that sets you apart that many people might not realize upon first meeting you?

I know that we are all infinite beings here on this planet to create and discover the potential of joy and abundance that we ALL have access to. I know that dreams come true and that we can ALL have what we desire and dream of, and feel pure joy no matter what is happening around us. It comes from within and each one of us create this joy in our own way. I operate from that place of knowing we are more than we see with our eyes. So let’s have a good time while we are here together.