Leon & George Makes Premium Plant Shopping Easy

The new showroom

Photo Credit: Leon & George

Want to add a little more green to your everyday life? Allow me to introduce you to Leon & George a new premium plant showroom in the Mission District. Founded by Nicolas Bartoli and Ron Radu, Leon & George launched as a digital brand in 2016. Last fall, they opened up a lush and gorgeous shop dedicated to plants.

Shop for fiddle leaf fig trees at the boutique

Photo Credit: Leon & George

Leon & George’s philosophy is less is more, and this is seen in the minimalist decor of the boutique. The team likens purchasing a plant to buying furniture, so the plants are arranged in a visually stimulating manner. There are a large variety of plants, and they come in different sizes, from a 10-inch staghorn fern to a three-foot bird of paradise to a six-foot desert cactus.

Pink rubber tree

Photo Credit: Leon & George

All items are indoor plants meant to be cared for by the busy and professional city dweller. Plants can be purchased alone or as a set with a unique pot that is perfectly sized to fit the plant. When you buy one of Leon & George’s plants, you’ll have lifetime access to the brand’s plant doctor. Wondering if your fiddle leaf fig tree is getting enough light? How often should you water that kentia palm? Chat with the doctor to get answers that will help your plants grow and enjoy prosperous long lives.

Elephant’s ear

Photo Credit: Leon & George

The staff is also very knowledgeable on all things green. Let them know that you want a small potted plant for a bathroom that gets minimal light, and they will point you in the direction of the best items. Pop in, pick out a plant and schedule a free delivery. Need extra help? Book a personalized appointment with a Leon & George plant stylist—they are offered daily from 9 to 11 a.m.