Kate Upton Shares Her Post-Pregnancy Workout Secrets (A Fitness Plan She Created!)

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Kate Upton gave birth to her first child earlier this month (daughter Genevieve Upton Verlander) but you’d never know it. And because Kate is a giving person, she’s sharing her secret. The model and her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, have created a 12-week at-home workout program called Strong4Me Fitness, tailored to busy women on the go. It was created to help women of any fitness level build strength and confidence. Here, Upton discusses the motivation for creating Strong4Me Fitness, how she personally benefits from the program and how she and her MLB star hubby, Houston Astros player Justin Verlander, are raising their daughter to be just as strong and healthy as mom and dad.

 Photo Credit: Robert Seale Photography

Why did you decide to start Strong4Me Fitness?

I started Strong4Me Fitness to help empower women to feel strong and confident about themselves and their workout routine. It took me 10 years of trial and error to find a workout program that was sustainable and practical for my busy lifestyle while also producing effective results.

Walk us through each step of the program. What is it like? What sets it apart?

Ben Bruno and I created this 12-week program of 30-minute workouts geared towards busy women on-the-go. It is divided into 4 phases of 3 weeks each and has minimal equipment so that anyone can do these workouts anytime, anywhere. The program can be adapted to anyone’s fitness level by adding or taking away weight and resistance as needed. And, it was important to us to create a low impact program to reduce the amount of stress on joints – you won’t find any jumping or burpees!

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What did you find lacking in the health and wellness space that prompted you to start this?

I have found that there are a lot of fads in the health and wellness space that are short-term fixes and not sustainable or practical for busy lifestyles. It was important to me to share a program that promotes a healthy, strong lifestyle that allows women to actually keep up their routine and produce effective results. I also found that it’s rare to find a trainer as informed as Ben Bruno about how to incorporate the correct strength training moves for a woman’s body with the results of slimming, toning, and strengthening.

Did your personal fitness program change when you were pregnant?

I was able to keep up most of the Strong4Me Fitness moves throughout my pregnancy since they’re low impact and adaptable to any fitness level. But overall, I focused more on strengthening my pelvic area through moves like hip thrusts, lunges, and squats to help make delivery easier!

Did your diet change with pregnancy? How, if so? Was it super easy with the program?

Eating healthy is extremely important to me to feel energized and strong, whether pregnant or not! I have partnered with Urban Remedy which is an amazing meal-delivery program to make it as obstacle-free as possible to stay on a healthy, clean nutrition plan. The meals are delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the country with no prep or cooking required. Also, the best part is that it’s delicious and packed with great nutrients, smoothies, juices, and snacks. The Kate Upton Meal Plan is tailored specifically to supplement the Strong4Me Fitness Program because it includes great proteins and workout booster shots to stay energized and hydrated.

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No matter how healthy you are, you’ve still got to have those occasional cheat moments and cravings! What’s the weirdest craving you had while pregnant? What’s the cheat food you absolutely can’t resist, and how often do you eat it?

Yes, cheat moments are definitely human! I fall victim to my favorites occasionally… (french fries!)… but just make sure I stay on track the majority of the time. Throughout my pregnancy, I didn’t have too many crazy cravings, but I had an aversion to red meat for a while so Justin had to eat his steak in the next room!

Do you have any pregnancy hacks?

Drink LOTS of water to stay hydrated!!!

Did you have morning sickness? Is there a possible way to combat that healthily?

I was lucky and didn’t experience too much nausea after my first trimester. Staying lightly active and hydrated helped me feel better throughout the day. Also, lots of small meals or snacks rather than sitting down for large meals has helped with digestion.

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You’re obviously a health and wellness pro, as is your husband. Do you plan on raising your child to be active? How, if so?

Justin and I stay very active, and I imagine our daughter will be as well! We both grew up playing sports and playing outside so I’m hopeful she will have those same fun experiences.

What are the most important values you and Justin are planning on teaching your child?

The list is long but work ethic, gratitude, and kindness are just a few values that will be important to us as parents.

 Photo Credit: Robert Seale Photography