Vanessa Hudgens Dishes On Designing Her First Fashion Collection

Vanessa40975Photo Credit: Suitstudio

It goes without saying that Vanessa Hudgens is the reigning queen of Coachella style—she attends the California music festival every year with a slew of pitch-perfect outfits—and now, the 29-year-old is taking her stylish sensibilities and playing first-time fashion designer. On Oct. 11, the High School Musical alum will release her collaboration with Suistudio, a brand dedicated to fine tailoring solely focusing on women. The collection is inspired by the free spirit of the 1970s and the inimitable glamour of the 1980s.

With a strong nod to icons Bianca Jagger and David Bowie, Hudgens’ collection exudes the duality of masculinity and femininity; strong lines paired with low necklines, wide-leg silhouettes paired with a ribboned bowtie. She uses luxe fabrics and strong silhouettes to blur the style lines between generations of strong, empowered, and sexy women, proving that an attitude of confidence and power know no age.

The Off White Hudgens Suit, a collection standout, is a stylistic play on both Vanessa Hudgens herself and her ultimate style icon, Jagger. The white, Italian wool jacket is paired with an expertly tailored wide-leg pant, to manifest a distinguished and edgy silhouette. The full capsule collection includes four full suits, a jumpsuit and furnishings, allowing components to be worn together or mix-and-matched to create countless looks. Haute Living sat down with the actress, who was most recently seen on the big screen this August in the dramedy Dog Days, about her first foray into fashion design.

Vanessa42128Photo Credit: Suitstudio

How did the collaboration come to be?

My girlfriend (Kristina Barricelli, Vice President at Suistudio) asked me if I was interested in doing a collection. It was honestly a no-brainer!

The collection has a strong nod to Bianca Jagger and David Bowie. Was this your intention? If so, why those two names specifically?

I’ve always been so drawn to the 70s and 80s. Bianca Jagger is my ultimate style icon. She knew how to be powerful, masculine and feminine all at the same time. And Bowie is just such an icon and also blurred the lines of femininity and masculinity. I think the really amazing thing about suits is that they really blur that line.

Fill in the blank. Wearing a really sick suit makes me feel ______.

So sexy, extremely confident and effortlessly powerful.

Vanessa42049Photo Credit: Suitstudio

How does the collection parallel your day-to-day aesthetic? How does it differ?

Well, I am extremely drawn to the era so it’s always influenced the way I dress. I also just love wearing suits. I wear one whenever I get the chance. Even just a blazer can really amp up a look.

Would you ever consider wearing a suit to, say, Coachella? Why or why not?

If the material was iridescent and non existent, then definitely! It is WAY TOO HOT there!

Has it always been a dream to design clothing? Why or why not? Will you continue to explore this in the future?

Yes, designing clothing has always been a dream! I’ve always loved fashion and styling looks…ever since I was little. I was the kid who set my outfits out the night before school. I just love expressing myself and being creative and designing is an amazing outlet for. I feel like fashion is something that I will be in and out of my whole life.

Vanessa42301Photo Credit: Suitstudio

Are name brands a big deal to you, or is it all about the way a piece makes you feel, or a combination of both?

I love the combination of both. Some of my favorite outfits have been when I’ve mixed a big brand name piece with vintage. Or even better yet, big brand name vintage pieces. Its so special being able to wear pieces so that were made decades ago by designers who spilled their heart and soul into a collection. I always feel that when I’m wearing it, that spirit lives on.

You were the second person to wear Marchesa since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. Was that a conscious choice—were you making a statement—or did you just like the way this particular piece made you feel?

Georgina Chapman made a dress for me when I was 21 and going to the Oscars for the first time. I’ve always loved her designs and thought the dress was beautiful.

What are five things you can’t live without (can be anything)?

A pedicure; My tribe (friends and family); face moisturizer; my faith; and love (not just in a relationship but also in life and in my career).