H. Wood Group Debuts A Taste Of Texas In L.A. With New Restaurant, SLAB

SLAB BBQPhoto Credit: h. wood Group

In the City of Angels, diners have more than their fair share of healthy dining options—from vegan and vegetarian eateries to poke shops galore, the West Coast crowd has no shortage of places to keep their diets in check. But what if you’re just craving splurge-worthy comfort food? Now, that’s harder to find. That’s why when the famed hospitality crew the h. wood Group announced that its newest venture would incorporate Texas-style brisket, beef and pork ribs, people paid attention. It turns out that John Terzian and Brian Toll, the brains behind L.A. hot spots Delilah, The Nice Guy, Bootsy Bellows, The Peppermint Club, Poppy, SHOREbar and Petite Taqueria are now adding SLAB to the lineup, in partnership with legendary chef (and Instagram sensation) Burt Bakman.

SLAB BBQPhoto Credit: Instagram: @trudys_underground_barbecue

Bakman’s knack for cooking the perfect brisket was first uncovered upon debuting Trudy’s Underground Barbecue from his Studio City backyard, attracting the masses during the evenings for his home-cooked meals. The key to his cooking is simple yet perfected down to a science—highlighting smoke, salt and pepper and fat—and knowing just how much to trim and how to time it to get it just right.

SLAB BBQPhoto Credit: Instagram: @trudys_underground_barbecue

After serving up his signature Southern-style cuisine at a handful of Los Angeles pop-ups, he’s now opening his first-ever restaurant with the h. wood Group. And given its track record and his esteemed reputation, it’s poised to be a hit among the L.A. squad that’s just looking for good comfort food and a hip environment to enjoy it, expecting to draw the likes of A-listers like Drake, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, the KarJenner clan and more.  

SLAB BBQPhoto Credit: Instagram: @trudys_underground_barbecue

The menu is limited but nonetheless mouth-watering, with highlights including Bakman’s signature Sliced Brisket, Pork Spare Ribs, Pastrami and Pulled Pork, Sausage, Burt’s BBQ Sandwich, Roasted Mary’s Farm ½ Chicken and splurge-worthy sides like Baked Beans, homemade Potato Salad and Cole Slaw, Mac N’ Cheese, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Pickled Vegetables and Collard Greens. And of course you can’t forget about dessert—with an enticing Pecan Pie, Banana Caramel Pudding, Red Velvet Cake and Mud Pie on the menu to put a sweet end to the tasty meal.

SLAB is set to open its doors in late October/early November 2018 located on West Third Street.