Artist BØRNS Dishes On His Latest Album, Fall Tour And Strutting The Gucci Runway

BornsPhoto Credit: WME

Garrett Borns, better known in the music industry simply as BØRNS, is certainly having a record year. Fresh off performing at Coachella, the platinum selling versatile pop singer, songwriter and musician is about to kick off his fall tour starting September 15 in Atlanta. BØRNS will be joined by special guest Twin Shadow, the recording project of George Lewis Jr. (BØRNS has partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket will go to support organizations working towards a cleaner environment through research, awareness, and advocacy).

The Michigan native, who moved to Los Angeles at 21 and later landed a spot on the Gucci runway, made a breakout name for himself with his debut album “Dopamine” and released his latest album, “Blue Madonna” with Interscope Records earlier this year. We caught up recently with Borns to discuss some of his musical influences, participation in Fender’s creative video project and their upcoming fall tour.

Who were some early musical influences that have inspired you along your road to success?

The earliest would be Roy Orbison. My grandma had a crush on him and I was always doing my best impersonation of him. I was inspired to write melodies that would soar musically like him and Elvis. I probably have way too many influences. I was really into the glam rock era of rock and roll, which was very experimental with people wearing women’s clothing. Everyone was expressing themselves in different ways and Roy was constantly reinventing himself.

You started out playing the piano and guitar later on. Can you tell us a little about the experience working with Fender on their creative video series?

I have been playing the guitar and touring with Fender for a few years now. They were very gracious and lent us some lovely instruments. It was a fun collaboration. I had kind of wanted to do something that raised the mysticism of rock and roll while adding some mystery to the background on how I got my guitar. It was really fun to pull off. I shot it with my good friends from Philadelphia and we had a lot of fun.

How have you grown with your latest album “Blue Madonna” from your debut E.P. “Dopamine?”

For my first album, I had very little touring experience and I made the album not thinking about performing the songs live. The songs trained me to get the stamina as a performer. It was definitely a challenge and strenghened my voice. I toured for a couple of years and when I got back to LA, I was dreaming about my new album. At that point, I knew so much more about my voice and I knew more about myself as an instrument.

Tell us a little about the metaphorical references in the song “God Save Our Young Blood.”

I was reading a lot of different poetry to get a different perspective on lyricism. I was reading “Paradise Lost” and in a way, it was like my first lost innocence as a performer. I was thinking about that concept, and wanted a song that talks about immortality with a lover where two souls find paradise.

You have strutted down the Gucci runway and have been an official ambassador by the CFDA at New York Fashion Week. How does it feel to be a part of the fashion world?

It was pretty much my dream as a young lad. I was always interested in fashion. I liked how it changed my character. I did a lot of thrift shopping as a kid. My mom taught me about that. I am working with a stylist now who is extremely artistic and always finding cool, inspirational pieces and designers to collaborate with.

Do you see yourself pursuing a role in fashion down the line?

Yeah, definitely. I’ll definitely be designing my own clothes and might even put out some pieces.

What’s up next for you?

I just got back from a European tour and will be recording a bit. Right now, I am getting ready for the fall tour that is going to be really exciting. It’s going to be more like an epic show and more theatrical the way it’s laid out. It’s definitely going to include a mix of new and old recordings, but I don’t want to give too much away.