Transport Yourself To The Greek Islands At New Greek Hotspot Kyma Flatiron

Interior 2Photo Credit: Kyma Flatiron

Renowned restaurateur Reno Christou and partners have officially opened Kyma’s second location in Flatiron, NY as of June 1, 2018 after seeing such success with their first location in Roslyn, Long Island. Located at 15 W. 18th St in an all-white 2-story building, the atmosphere reflects Greece’s unique culture with its stunning architecture, ancient pottery, and olive trees. Drawing inspiration from its surroundings, the menu incorporates the aesthetic beauty of the Greek islands while serving a variety of contemporary seafood dishes.

The first thing guests will notice is the remarkable fish display in the center of the main dining room, filled with fresh lobster, black sea bass, pink snapper and other underwater sea creatures that are offered on Kyma’s extensive menu. Chef Chris Christou helms the menu, which features numerous beloved Greek specialties, such as Pikilia with a choice of tzatziki, spicy feta, skordalia, hummus, taramosalata, and melitzanosalata; Saganaki of crispy kefalograviera with lemon spoon sweet; Rhodes Island Stuffed Calamari with four Greek cheeses; Sesame Feta with fig jam; and Spanakopita with leeks and feta, served with herbed yogurt.

Kyma Chips
Kyma Chips

Photo Credit: Kyma

Much of the menu at the Flatiron location features favorites from the original Roslyn menu, including Zucchini Keftedes with sumac yogurt; Kyma chips served with its famous tzatziki sauce; and Grilled Lamb Chops with roasted garlic and lemon. Entrees include mouthwatering whole fresh fish like tsipoura and lavarki that are grilled to perfection with Greek olive oil, natural herbs, and lemon.

“My take on food has always been an honest, simple approach – when you are working with the best ingredients, you don’t have to do much to plate a beautiful dish,” says Reno Christou. “At Kyma, we’ve created a menu meant to take you on a journey to the Greek islands, but we’ve sprinkled in some modern, more playful ingredients suited to New Yorkers. We want our guests to find a home in this little oasis we’ve created in the heart of the city.” 

Accompanying Kyma’s traditional menu, the architectural design of Kyma was curated to be transportive and genuine, stimulating an island vacation aesthetic with white brick walls inspired by Greece’s famous white tree trunks, as well as olive trees. Lighting plays a significant role in setting Kyma’s tone, with backlit booths and recessed alcoves designed to mimic the sun reflecting form the water on the horizon. “I wanted to evoke a little bit of the sunset that Santorini is known for, and let our guests escape from the hustle of New York City life,” says Christou.

Interior 5Photo Credit: Kayma

Each alcove contains a collection of authentic Greek pottery and ceramics sourced from flea markets and alleyways throughout Athens and its environs. Akrokerama, a decorative gargoyle, are mounted within the small olive trees and are meant to protect homes from bad luck in Ancient Greece. A flawless marble bar top greets guests as they enter the restaurant, emphasized by large mirrors topped with Cycladic plates, bowls, and other dishes.

Kyma Flatiron’s unique architectural design and cutting-edge menu will definitely attract guests to dine at this stunning new spot.

Hours of fine dining at Kyma Flatiron:

Lounge and bar opens at 11:30 a.m.

Restaurant opens at 5 p.m.

Location: 15 W. 18th Street, New York, NY