The Tastiest Restaurants To Celebrate National Lobster Day


It’s time to get cracking on one of the best food holidays of the late summer, National Lobster Day on September 25th. New York’s best restaurants and eateries will show off the best of their crustacean creations with innovative ways to dig into lobsters without having to think about where to put the shells. To really get the last drops of summer out of the season, and get a great meal too, we’re breaking down the best restaurant offerings in New York to enjoy lobster in every way possible.

Refinery Rooftop


While most people think of traditional lobster meals as cracking into red shells on hot summer days and with a big bowl of melted butter, Chef Jeff Haskell at the Refinery Hotel is rethinking the dish with something more suitable for the early Fall New Yorker on the go, these Lobster Tater Tots. Perfectly handy and potentially portable, these bite sized lobster delights pack a bold punch of flavor while still feeling like you’re towing the line between Summer and Fall appropriately.

Location: 63 West 38th Street, New York, NY



Sometimes the sides are the best part of any meal, and that’s especially true when the grilled red snapper at Catch in Meatpacking comes with decadent Lobster Mashed Potatoes drizzled lightly with lemon infused brown butter. Catch NYC also offers a great upstairs bar and dancing area for after the meals done, but the night isn’t.

Location: 21 9th Avenue, New York, NY

Ocean Prime


The problem with seafood is that the potions are often misleading from the menu. Ocean Prime solves that problem in a big way with their Smoking Shellfish Tower. With a base of rich, luscious lobster, the tower is perfect for sharing with an added flare of showmanship to add to the fun. The restaurant also offers arrange of other lobster options on a smaller scale from lobster bisque to traditional Maine lobsters ready to break into.

Location: 123 West 52nd Street, New York, NY



In a perfect mix of savory and fresh seafood flavors, the Roasted Miso Lobster Gratin at Megu is unbeatable. The restaurant on the whole is a sight to be seen for any weekender in Meatpacking looking to start the night off with a great meal, and the miso lobster gratin is a great choice from the menu to have before a night of cocktails across meatpacking.

Location: 355 West 16th Street, New York, NY

Luke’s Lobster


This quick-bites eatery, known for their lobster rolls, is the ultimate mid-day snack or go-to destination for that lunch break craving. At fast-casual price points, Luke’s Lobster is opening up more locations across Manhattan this season, and with remarkably fresh lobster for the cost. Alternatives to the classic rolls are also the lobster grilled cheese, or for their chowders and bisques.

Location: Various Locations, New York, NY