5 Insider Tips That Will Get You Access To The Exclusive Speakeasy Inside The Montage Beverly Hills

The-Montage-Beverly-Hills 3Photo Credit: Montage Beverly Hills

Here in Los Angeles, if there’s one thing people love it’s under-the-radar, ultra-exclusive spots. People love hanging out at places no one else really knows about. The Montage Beverly Hills is home to one exclusive hot spot you probably haven’t heard of yet, the £10 Whisky Bar.

Hidden away on the second floor of the Beverly Hills hotel, the exclusive speakeasy is only accessible to those that know of its existence and are lucky enough to know the magic words. Lucky for you, we got head barman Cash Black to share his top tips for getting access and making your £10 Whisky Bar experience the best.

1. Know Who To Ask For

When arriving at Montage Beverly Hills, visit the hotel’s concierge desk and ask to speak with the “most powerful and handsome bartending team to walk on the face of the earth.” The concierge team will then call Black and a member of the team will guide you to £10 to be greeted by Black directly.

The-Montage-Beverly-HillsPhoto Credit: Montage Beverly Hills

2. Get To Know The Hosts

Take time to get to know Black and David Herrera, the only two individuals who work at £10. The best way to get to know them is to be introduced through a friend or to interact with Cash and David when visiting.

3. Ask For A Menu Presentation

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the menu. Black and Herrera give a seven-minute presentation explaining the bar and its menu. There are about 25 people an evening that sit 15-30 minutes apart, giving the staff time to get to know each customer and what they desire.

The-Montage-Beverly-Hills 2Photo Credit: Montage Beverly Hills

4. Order With Confidence

Order your drink with confidence. Drinking at £10 is both personal and cultural.

5. Tell The Hosts Your Dream Bar Experience

Black strives to create an intimate and powerful bar experience based around the simple complex of trying to have more fun each evening. He does this by figuring out what each person’s ultimate experience is and how him and Herrera can repeat that every time guests come back to visit.