Entrepreneur And Lifestyle Connoisseur Emir Bahadir Shares His Haute Secrets Of NYC



Emir Bahadir is best known for his fashion sense and for being part of the philanthropic circles of New York. He’s been featured for his passion of art, his art collection and incomparable wardrobe. Behind the polished exterior is an innovator and entrepreneur with companies that span the industries of real estate, tech, beauty and fashion. While growing up Emir travelled all over the world, attended an international boarding school and was exposed to many cultures which he believes helped him to become a global citizen.

He’s using his public platform to serves as an inspiration to young people that want to grow their own businesses and forge their own paths as entrepreneurs. Haute Living sat down with the NYC based lifestyle connoisseur to get his Haute Secrets of New York City and his take on what it means to be a trendsetter and jetsetter.

On what it means to be a jetsetter:

To me, jetsetting means being connected all over the world, rather than just being able to travel constantly. Anyone with means can travel the world without a problem, but real experiences come from knowing the locals and developing a real appreciation for wherever it is that you are. If you don’t learn from the destination you are in, you will always be a tourist and not a jetsetter.

On setting trends:

I was raised in a family where no one ever followed in anyone’s footsteps. We all were determined and inspired to create our own businesses and bring our own ideas to life. I was groomed to be creative, innovative, and independent from a very young age. Seeing my family run their businesses, I was able to learn how to be an effective manager and leader and I think this naturally translated to setting my own trends.

On the importance of fashion:

Fashion is so important because I believe that first impressions are the most memorable. Being well put together and stylish really sets a person apart from the rest, especially during your first encounter with someone. I happen to have a large social media following and because of this I think people expect me to look a certain way and always be well dressed. I love to take risks with my outfits and I always go for the bolder choice, my outfits become somewhat of a trademark for me on my social media.

On having a large social media following:

I really enjoy being a motivator for young entrepreneurs, people that are starting businesses, people that have questions about how to do things. I try to be responsive as much as I can. I answer most of my messages. I try to be helpful. I want to show people that if they believe in themselves they can reach their goals.

On how he gained so many followers:

I’ve always focused on the bigger picture, whether it be my work or personal life. I think a personal connection with the people I work with and hanging out with them is the most important thing and this translated into my social media. Whether it’s my style, the events I attend or the friends I am with, being real and honest helps me develop a natural connection with my followers. I think that is the key to social media success and one of the reasons I amassed global recognition. I started using Instagram as an album for myself and my friends, organic and real snaps of my day to day lifestyle and travels. I decided to follow this path to show them my real life.

On advice to budding entrepreneurs:

The most important thing is to find a project you truly believe in and are passionate about. There are always risks involved in starting a new business, but if you feel deep down that it’s the right project, it makes it much easier to take those risks. Every product that I work on is a product that I myself would buy in a heartbeat. I feel a sense of pride with everything that I do as an entrepreneur and I would suggest that anyone who wants to branch out in business feels the same about their projects.


Where were you born?

I was born in Istanbul but, raised between there and London. After which I moved on to boarding school in Switzerland, at TASIS (The American School in Switzerland). I attended NYU and double majored in business and technology management.

Your profession?

I own companies across several industries, which include real estate development & consultancy. It also includes my personal lifestyle brand, skincare line and entertainment.

5 words you would use to describe yourself?

I would describe myself as driven, creative, bold, balanced, and caring.

5 words you would use to describe New York City?

The 5 words I would use to describe New York City are definitely energy, life, creativity, artsy, and successful.

In which neighborhood of Manhattan do you reside?

I reside in the West village, where I find it be more like a little town rather than a big city. I like the sense of knowing your neighbor and having that intimacy of a small, quaint neighborhood.

Your favorite restaurant for a lively group dinner in Manhattan?

My favorite place to enjoy a lively dinner is Mr Chow Tribeca or my other go to is Indochine.

Best steak you’ve ever had in NYC?

The Grill has the best steak. I also like the design as much as the steak. The ambiance is spectacular!

Where would we find you having cocktails on a weeknight?

You might bump into me having drinks at Perry St by Jean-Georges.

Your favorite power lunch spot to close a deal?

A power lunch has to happen in a good environment, so it would usually take place at Cipriani Downtown or Soho House Meatpacking.

Best rainy day hideout?

Definitely Amaranth.

The charity event you’ll never miss?

I never miss amFAR. Its an annual event I look forward to in support of such a great cause.

Boutique you visit for jewelry or watch shopping?

Much of my jewelry and watches come from Jeffrey’s, Dover Street Market and Barneys as a department store.

Shop/Boutique you visit to keep your wardrobe on-trend?

I like to shop at Barneys and individual boutiques in SoHo and on Madison Ave.


Hotel you would stay at for a staycation?

I rarely do staycations, but if I did, it would probably be at the Four seasons Midtown or The Mark.

Top spa for a day of pampering?

The Baccarat and La Mer Spa are a great place for pampering.

How are you staying fit in the city?

I weight train every week and do boxing. I like to play tennis as much as I can for cardio and also started doing shock therapy.

What cultural institutions do you visit for a dose of inspiration?

The Whitney Museum, and the Met are my favorites. I am intensely involved in the art world, so viewing new exhibitions or checking out galleries in my spare time is a hobby of mine.

What galleries in NYC do you visit when looking to build your own art collection?

I usually check out Lisson, C24, Paul Kasmin, DTR, and my hidden little gem Catinca Tabacaru Gallery on the LES.

What makes NYC so unique?

The mixture of different cultures and the energy that those people bring. There is nowhere else in the world to compare. As Frank Sinatra says, If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.

Outside of NYC, what’s your favorite city?

I have many favorite cities to visit. It’s usually based on the season. From an architectural perspective, Paris. Summer would be St Tropez and some raw islands on the Ionion sea. Winter would be Geneva and Courchevel. Among the others of course are my home cities Istanbul and London.