Christian Siriano On The Opening Of New Fashion Boutique “The Curated NYC”


Bursting into the spotlight in 2008 on Project Runway, Christian Siriano is finally opening his own fashion boutique, The Curated NYC, in New York City and he is really excited.

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The Curated NYC, located at 5 West 54th Street, officially opens today, Wednesday, April 18. Siriano’s boutique will offer his own designs as well as other clothing brands and accessories that he has curated to compliment his collection. In addition, there is also a charming cafe within the store.


“When you’re here, you should feel like you’re in someone’s home playing dress up in their closet. We want people to feel comfortable that they can hang out and feel cozy in their home away from home. It’s not just about shopping and spending money, it’s a lifestyle,” Siriano explains.


“The whole concept behind this boutique is that it is representative of the Christian Siriano brand but I have also curated other brands that complement my designs. I think retail has gotten a bit lost in recent years with letting their buyers dictate offerings and having unwanted clothes linger on the rack too long. We have a great range in price points, like fragrances for $30 alongside very expensive pieces, and a range of sizes.”


In typical Christian Siriano fashion, his collection ranges from size 2-20. The store will also carry the Universal Standard Collection, a brand that starts at size 10. “It’s a wearable work clothing which is not similar to what I do but that’s why I wanted it to offer it.”


Siriano understands women. Growing up in a household with a sister, who was a size 2 ballet dancer, and a mother, who was a size 14/16, he appreciates the full range when it comes to size. His number one fashion tip is: “You find your silhouette and then you celebrate it. It’s all about finding the silhouette you love, that makes you feel good, and then, you know, rocking it as much as you can.”


Siriano wants to make people feel great when they wear their clothes, “that should be the easy part of the day.” 


The Curated NYC is housed in a stunning three story townhouse in Midtown. Siriano says his intention is for people to come shop and stay. “It was quite a hunt to find this space. It has a real 1950s/60s atelier style with everything in one house. I love that there is retail on the first two floors and our offices on the top. You can buy anything and get a custom gown for an event. And we make samples next floor up.”

Siriano is based in New York and plans to stick around. In addition, many celebrities are big fans of Christian’s, like Alicia Silverstone who hosted The Curated NYC’s opening night party earlier in the week. So plan a visit, try on clothes, shop, have a coffee and keep your eyes open for the adorable designer and his many fans.

All photos taken by William Waldron.
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