Grand Opening Art Exhibition Featuring Domingo Zapata & Jordi Molla Hits Coral Gables This Weekend

This weekend, the Grand Opening Art Exhibition, hosted and curated by Ursula Salvador, Tony Dela Rosa and the Kamhazi family, will hit Coral Gables at David Rosen’s Art Gallery. The exhibition will feature the works of renowned artists, Domingo Zapata and Jordi Molla.

Open for approximately one-and-a-half months, gallery visitors will be privy to the latest works from Zapata and Molla. Zapata—or, the “new Warhol,” as some refer to him—is an American/Spanish artist who creates colorful, expressionist paintings, exuding his personality. Most recently, he has been featured on a Times Square billboard in New York, with a live-streaming installation of his work.

For the past 20 years, Molla has been a prominent figure in the Spanish cinema scene, as he has been acting, writing, directing and painting. His new pieces will be displayed at the gallery.

For more information, please email David Rosen ( or Ursula Salvador ( Gallery address: 290 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables.

Photos provided by Ursula Salvador.