TALIA Jewelry Celebrates Their Official Launch At Sixty Soho In NYC

IMG_0698Photo Credit: Marcela Cussolin

On Wednesday, March 14th, TALIA Jewelry celebrated their official launch with an interactive event held at Sixty Soho in NYC.

Guests were able to admire and interact with a stunning display of the three signature collections: Brio, Opus, and Aria. Attendees were also granted the opportunity to actually create and design their own original pieces. Founder and designer Tal Man was readily available to share the brand story and speak to guests one-on-one about the collection. During the reception a digital fashion illustrator made the rounds sketching and printing portraits of attendees. To top the night off, guests were treated to specialty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as well as intricate desserts displaying edible pendant designs from the TALIA Jewelry collection.

IMG_0761Photo Credit: Marcela Cussolin

This new line of handcrafted modular pendant necklaces offers customers the opportunity to create their own pieces that showcase their style. The patented design allows women to easily build and customize their pendants in terms of color, metals, stones, chain length, and pendant shape.  

IMG_0957Photo Credit: Marcela Cussolin

One TALIA pendant set gives women the ability to completely arrange and rearrange their design to fit a variety of wearing occasions. Customers can either order online from a pre-designed assortment of pendants or they can co-design their own pendant from scratch, using the drag and drop technology in the virtual design studio.

IMG_0916Photo Credit: Marcela Cussolin

IMG_1263Photo Credit: Marcela Cussolin