Rick Ross Has Been Hospitalized And It’s Serious

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Rick Ross was rushed to the hospital. And, it’s serious.

TMZ reports that the rapper, producer, and entrepreneur has been allegedly hospitalized after being unresponsive. According to the news outlet, a machine has taken over for Ross’ heart and lungs.

The 911 emergency call was placed at 3:30 a.m. when Ross was found unresponsive and experiencing heavy breathing.

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It was then that the caller reported their findings upon entering Ross’ Miami residence Thursday, March 1.

The caller reported that the man undergoing distress had a history of seizures. After attempts were made to wake Ross, the caller said he began “slobbing out the mouth.”

According to the report, the ambulance arrived and placed Ross into respiratory treatment for possible pneumonia. But, a person connected to the mogul said it could also be heart-related.

No updates have been made since, but we’ll be updating as we know more.

Rick Ross, Amaris Jones, Kamal Hotchandani
Rick Ross, Amaris Jones, and CEO of Haute Living, Kamal Hotchandani

Rick Ross was our 2017 Miami cover star last year. At this time, we’d like to send our good friend nothing but positive vibes and wish him and his family the best outcome during this turbulent time.

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Prayers up for the Teflon Don, bossiest Boss of them all!