How Drew Barrymore Celebrates Her Individuality On A Daily Basis—And Shares How You Can, Too!

Drew wearing the Caya classic clog
Drew wearing the Crocs classic clog

There are very few Hollywood stars in the world that celebrate—and embrace—their individuality more than Drew Barrymore. From her endlessly positive vibe to the optimism she curates through her Flower Beauty line to the female empowerment she brings to the table as an entrepreneur (she’s the owner of her own wine label, Barrymore Wines and the Dear Drew lifestyle label), it’s no wonder that she was the perfect choice to promote Crocs’ “Come As You Are” global marketing campaign to a celebration of uniqueness and individuality – encouraging everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes, figuratively and literally as comfortable as she is in the shoes she actually designed for the brand.

For the past year, Drew has been working with Crocs on the campaign—inviting consumers to join her in promoting positive self-image and accepting our differences through a feature film-inspired musical, where she sings, dances and embraces all that she is.

Today, she turns from invitation to celebration showcasing what is achievable when you are comfortable just being you. Here, she shares how she celebrates her uniqueness on a daily basis—how she stays comfortable in her own skin—and how you, as a result, can too.


Drew in the Caya Isabella
Drew wearing the Isabella
  1. Find A Balance of Style And Comfort. Style is a true form of self-expression and I’ve always used clothes, shoes and accessories as extensions of my personality. But, I know I can’t wear anything I don’t feel good in. As you grow up, your style evolves and changes. I am a mom, so I am on my feet all the time and it’s so important for me to be comfortable in what I’m wearing which is why I love my Crocs.
  2. Come As You Are. I’ve always encouraged this “be yourself, don’t try to be perfect” philosophy, which is why I’m so excited to be partnering with Crocs as a global ambassador for their “Come As You Are” campaign. The “Come As You Are” message is very in line with who I am and who I have always been. Some people are afraid to truly be themselves. I’ve been there: afraid to share fears, self-doubts and even accomplishments, because I didn’t want to be judged. But a part of celebrating who you are is celebrating everything that you’ve gone through – the good and the bad – and realizing that when you’re comfortable in your own shoes, you can do anything. Embracing the “Come As You Are” spirit is all about being comfortable in your own shoes. And as the mother of two young children, I believe that is so important. It’s what “Come As You Are” means to me
  3. Choose Happiness. I think happiness is a choice. Some days I’m just naturally magnetically pulled to it, and some days I have to work harder on being happy. Whether it’s an easy choice you make, or you had to go through hell … and it feels like a real struggle to get there … every day presents a different level of how easy it is to attain or how much you have to fight for your happiness. But I think always having that goal is anything but whimsical. It’s pleasurable for other people to be around. You’re going to be happier inside of yourself.
  4. Sense of Humor is Everything. I don’t pretend to be perfect and some of the best things I’ve learned in life are to laugh at myself, embrace silliness and not take myself too seriously – especially as a parent. With humor comes positivity, lightheartedness and patience and those traits are so important to have when dealing with little ones and their bright personalities. And this goes for life in general! No matter what life throws at you, have fun, look at the bright side and accept things as they are: perfectly imperfect.
  5. Find Your Creative Outlet. From Flower Beauty to my fresh, bright and happy Drew Barrymore ♥ Crocs collection, I create products that I love and that represent who I am. For me, the creative process is so fun and freeing. I pour so much love and energy into picking out the colors, formulas and designs … then when you have the final product in your hand, it’s is so satisfying. It’s cool to be able to say, ‘I made this! I brought my vision to life!’ I take so much pride in creating things that I can share with the rest of the world and I want people to feel the same way about their own creations.
Drew wearing the Caya Classic Lined
Drew wearing the Classic Lined