The Coziest Coffee Shops To Enjoy The Extended Winter In Las Vegas

Cozy Coffee Shops Las Vegas Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credit: @VestaCoffee Instagram

It snowed in Las Vegas last week and it’s almost March. What exactly is going on with this weather? Let’s chalk it up to global warming because despite what the president thinks, science is a real thing. Here’s hoping the planet heals but in the meantime, enjoy the extended snowy winter season in Las Vegas with these cozy coffee places.


This charming cafe is nestled in Tivoli Village. The cafe shop has Italian influences both food and design-wise. Aside from coffee, Leone Cafe offers omelets, waffles, pasta, sandwiches, pastries, champagne, and a delicious pear salad.


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At Sambalatte, the espresso is the cherry on top. This dreamy two-story cafe is mostly made of wood. They even have live music from singers to guitar players. They serve lattes, salads, pastries, sandwiches, tea, and even lemonade.


Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Channing Tatum have both visited Sunrise Coffee. What makes almost everyone a fan of this place is their quality roasting and their vegan food options. The “Tofurkey Sandwich” is a personal favorite. But, there’s also a convenient drive-thru for on-the-go purchases.


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Contemporary is not usually aligned to coziness, but there’s something about Vesta that feels like home. Maybe it’s their delicious overnight oats, carefully sourced coffee, or their friendly staff that does the trick. But, it may just be their giant window because you can drink your latte and watch people walk by or witness the snowflakes descend from the sky.


Neighbors Cafe is the new kid on the block. Still, it’s a relaxing space to enjoy coffee on a cold day. They offer breakfast and lunch like their “Rise and Shine Acai Bowl” and “Coconut Pancakes”. All of their food is vegan-friendly with the exception of their “Pacific Salmon Toast”.