Take A Look At SoulCycle’s Newest Class Format


As of today, SoulCycle has unveiled it’s newest class format: SoulActivate, a brand new HIIT class format created by their master trainers. The beloved brand has created a 60-minute sweat session designed to push past your limits.

Riders can look forward to burning 150-300 more calories when compared to the traditional SoulCycle experience. SoulActivate uses a threshold training method that integrates interval training, heart rate variation and intentional recovery to work the body’s multiple energy systems.


Utilizing both light and heavy weights during the class, riders will participate in multiple arm strengthening series especially during moments of active recovery. This vigorous workout purposefully accelerates and decelerates your heart rate allowing you to burn fat and build endurance.

This class is recommended for riders that have taken at least 10 or more SoulCycle classes. Sign-ups are now available in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco locations.

Take a look at the video preview of SoulActivate below: