Maria Menounos Dishes On Marriage, Dealing With A Brain Tumor And What She Loves Most About Boston

Strength beyond measure, beauty that comes naturally and grace from humility are just a few qualities of the real Maria Menounos.

You can easily recognize the Emmy award winner’s gorgeous face, which has been spotted in front of many cameras, including “Entertainment Tonight,” “E! News,” “Access Hollywood,” the “Today” show and “Nightly News,” to name a few, but it’s her inner beauty that really shined brightly for us.

Maria MenounosPhoto Credit: BWR Public Relations

We caught up with the Medford native earlier this afternoon to talk about her recent marriage in Times Square, dealing with a brain tumor and what she loves most about Boston.

You surprised us all with your wedding on New Year’s Eve in Times Square – congratulations!  How has married life been so far?

It’s amazing. I never really thought it would change anything, but it has. We weren’t really celebrated early in our courtship, but now it’s a nice love bond. In the morning, he says, “Good morning, wife” and I say, “Good morning, husband!”  I also have things that I never thought I would have like a necklace that says “wifey.”

How has your outlook changed since your surgery to remove a brain tumor?

So much has changed. I have a very different perspective now. You realize how short life is and what really matters. It was like having a near death experience without having a near death experience. You realize how you want to pass your time. I would always wonder why I couldn’t remember being in some of the most amazing places.  It was because I was always plotting, producing and planning where I would be next and never enjoying the moment. I couldn’t remember some of the most amazing things, but I am now present in every moment. I am not on my phone. I’m living, and working on the side. It’s a huge adjustment for me and I am hoping to figure out that balance because your health is the most important thing in the world.

And then you had to deal with your mother going through a Stage IV brain cancer diagnosis.

What she has is much worse in comparison to what I had, but she is doing well. We are already getting a miracle with her. This will be year two in August since her diagnosis.

Maria and ParentsPhoto Credit: Maria Menounos

You have interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood, not to mention every US President since Bill Clinton. Is there anyone you would love to sit down with who you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

I would love to have a sit down with Oprah. She is a remarkable woman who has done incredible things.

What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

I definitely have a few that I am really proud of. Right now, I am allowing myself to heal and be still. For someone as Type A as I am, and to not be chasing after my next gig is an accomplishment for me. I am also super proud of my radio show on Sirius. People who don’t have Sirius can listen to the Podcast. Because of my work, I am able to help people by sharing information and giving them access to healers.

Maria and KevenPhoto Credit: BWR Public Relations

Being from Boston, what are you most proud about?

Our steak and cheese subs (laughs). People think Philly has the best, but we do. I am proud of our Boston sports teams, of course, and our people. When I think about the Boston Marathon bombings, that moment will never leave my heart. We are a city like no other.

Tell us about Maria’s Greek Kitchen at Fenway Park and how that happened.

I worked with Aramark and launched it over the summer and it did really well.  We are figuring out what the next steps would be so I am waiting to see.

What’s up next for you?

I will be hosting the red carpet coverage for the Oscars on Live with Kelly and Ryan. I love doing that show.