The Latest BMW M5 Brings Power To All Four Wheels

P90272999_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-08-20Photo Credit: BMW

An all new BMW M5 was a bit of a challenge; for the first time the sixth generation of the legendary saloon is equipped with four wheel drive in order to cope with all its power. Each generation offers more and the engineering department had to decide what had long been whispered about: traction needs more focus.

P90273011_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-08-20Photo Credit: BMW

The competitors have done it for a long time, but BMW plays the game with a trick: an electronic decoupling of the drive to rear wheels only, if such is a desire of the driver. A bit revolutionary don’t you think? The rest is more of an evolution: newer generation electronics, Steptronic Drivelogic transmission, active M differential on rear axle, Nurburgring tuned suspension, adjustable engine sound, M compound brakes, and a hardened output from a well proven 4,4 litre V8 meeting 600 bhp in between 5600 – 6700 rpm.

P90272998_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-08-20Photo Credit: BMW

Although equipped with a four wheel drive, the latest generation is lighter in weight than the one it replaces. An additional weight saver is found in the carbon ceramic brakes. These will feather an unsprung mass of an extra 23 kilograms while drying your wallet at a rate of $8,500 USD. But do note that an acceleration to 60 mph in a mere 3.2 seconds needs extra stopping power so it may be worth the extra money. While the car currently can be ordered, first models will be delivered from spring onwards.

P90273005_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-08-20Photo Credit: BMW