Crystals To Celebrate Chinese New Year With Colossal Opulent Dragon Sculpture

City Center To Celebrate Chinese New Year With Colossal Opulent Dragon Sculpture Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credit: The Shops at City Center

Chinese New Year is around the corner and one of the most luxurious, elegant, and architecturally advanced retail spaces in Las Vegas will introduce a colossal gold dragon to celebrate.

This year, The Shops at Crystals will celebrate the holiday with a custom massively-constructed dragon sculpture. Its opulent gold color is achieved by Italian-sourced gold paint. During the Chinese New Year holiday, the 24-foot tall and 53-foot long gold dragon will be placed at the center of the retail district.

Shoppers will be mesmerized by the mythical, stunning, and massive dragon. We’ve been told it will weigh 3,000 pounds. Additionally, it’ll be illuminated by more than 100,00 LED light points. The dragon will voyage through from Slovakia to the United States specifically for the luxury shopping districts’ guests. The sculpture is impressively being shipped as a solid piece without further building necessary.

MK Illuminations, the premium creator and supplier of conceptual festive lighting, is responsible for the art piece. The designers behind the gold dragon are the notable designers George Oehler, art director, Peter Rimak, artist, Sylvia Quan, certified National Interior Decoration Association Chinese and cultural expert of China, and Zhang Zhaojia of Jiao Tong University.  The dragon is directly being commissioned by The Shops at Crystals.

The gold dragon will be on display from February, Jan. 8 through March 1 to honor the Chinese New Year.