Jamie Colby: Beauty On The Road (Part II)

Photo credit: Jamie Colby’s Instagram @jamiecolbytv
Photo credit: Jamie Colby’s Instagram @jamiecolbytv

Jamie Colby is a woman to look up to. Not only did she successfully transition from law to journalism and earned a multitude of coveted journalistic accolades, including the National Edward R. Murrow Award for her coverage of 9/11, she is a beauty and wellness role model. After talking to her about her skincare and haircare on the road, we focus on the strain to eat healthy and exercise while shooting FOX Business primetime show Strange Inheritance.

Do you find any time to exercise while shooting the show?

You know, it is not always perfect. It is very difficult to be on the road and get any workouts but when I am home, I am on it and I do as much as I can for a short period of time. Christina [Johnson, my stylist and hair and makeup artist] and I try to encourage each other to eat properly because as you know most of the country does not know how to eat. We have driven an hour just to get green juice. We do not care. We try to do our best so that if the show has to stay in power, we should stay in power. That is our obligation – to be strong, not to get sick, to take vitamins and look our best. Some days, she looks better than me and I think she should do the show but it is mine. (Laughs)

When you are at home, what does your workout consist of?

I love to spin. You can do it in any weather and wherever we travel there will probably be a spin studio. I really try to do that. The other thing is I have a trainer when I am home. We would do three or four days a week and tons of weights. It is more functional fitness for balance and strength but not in the sense to bulk but more in the sense that I feel strong in my head and my body. It works. I have really been able to maintain my weight and my size using what I do. Yes, he has given me workouts to do in my hotel room, but when you work 14- or 16-hour days and when you get back to your hotel, you just want to sleep. I say that rest is also very, very important to every woman. We do not think about it but I do feel that sleep is very restorative.

Following on that note, what advice do you have for busy professional women?

I really like the saying the cancer organization Look Good, Feel Better has. A lot of women want to look good for other people – their mate, their employer, or look better than the people they went to high school with. I do think that self-esteem is really important to success and it is important to work hard to look the best you can look without comparing yourself to anyone else. I know when I am on the road, I have done my best. I feel that women should take the time to do what they can but not beat themselves up when they cannot. You know, taking care of a parent takes over and you just cannot do everything you think you should. I think we just put too much pressure on ourselves.

I am in New York right now and I will walk 6 miles today without even realizing it. You can always walk. I try to take the stairs. I try to avoid carbs but I love them. There is always the occasional dessert. You know, I will worry about it later. You have to be kind to yourself.


Tell us more about your diet?

I have been seeing a nutritionist for 10 years and the program he has me on – high on protein, low on fat, a lot of supplements that help my body metabolize to the best of its ability – has made a huge difference. It is not any more expensive that Weight Watchers. But you have to do it. You have to listen to what they say.

Having been to so many states, what beauty and wellness differences have you noticed?

What would I say is that there are definitely parts of the country that are more forgiving. My feeling is that if you go to a place [like that], you can partake maybe one day, but not every day. It is so easy when we are on the road and we are exhausted to fall into the trap of eating horribly. You can always find a faster meal, a fast-food meal, a Seven-Eleven meal. You are just so hungry, sometimes, because you have waited for so long to eat. So, I carry a lot of things with me – protein bars and protein shakes from my nutritionist.

We have healthy snacks on set. When we first started, it was all potato chips and Doritos. One of our crew members still likes Doritos. But I do have the crew now on board eating healthy things. I will tell you what, in past seasons, they start one size and they end another size and pretty much everyone maintains the weight and their wives thank me.

If there was any beauty or wellness-related thing you would like to inherit, what would it be?

Instead of just utilizing Peter Thomas Roth skincare gold masks, I would just like to inherit all the gold. I will keep it in the refrigerator, so it is nice and chill and I will put it on my puffy skin and I will be fabulous. (Laughs) It sounds pretty good to me. Even a week in an exotic spa is always something that is appreciated and I feel that at the end of the season, I might need that.

Catch up part two of Strange Inheritance’s season four premiere tonight, Jan 16, at 9pm EST on FOX Business.