Equinox Unveils Its Luxe Commitment Collection

With the new year always comes new resolutions, one of which typically involves a commitment to make a change. To get you started, Equinox has unveiled a new luxe Commitment Collection to help motivate you.

The line was inspired from the real commitments of extraordinary organizations, causes and people have made. The catch? None of the items are actually for sale, but rather, the items will be auctioned off throughout the year with proceeds donated to nonprofit organizations that are relevant to the people behind each specific product.

Each item has been designed by some of the world’s most provocative fashion forces, including Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, Shayne Oliver, Y/Project and Eckhaus Latta,

Items include sweatsuits made from the scrubs of doctors dedicated to cancer research, a jacket made from the uniforms of The Heroes Project Veterans, sunglasses created from the lens of photographer Ruddy Roye, shoes made of fabric from The Stonewall Inn and The Truth Lipstick in collaboration with The Washington Post crafted from ink from newspaper, symbolizing journalists’ commitment to free press.

EQX_BloodSweatTears_1080x1350Photo Credit: Equinox

The collection is brought to life with Steven Klein-shot imagery that serves as an homage to classic luxury fashion advertising.

One of our favorite items from the seven-item collection, with close ties to the Boston community, is Eau de Blood, Sweat + Tears. This fragrance was created from the actual DNA of Katherine Switzer, the first female to ever run the Boston Marathon, made by designer Rafael de Cardenas/Architecture at Large.  Here’s a look at some of the other items from the Commitment Collection:

  1. The Truth Lipstick: Made from blank newspaper pages from The Washington Post, it symbolizes the organization’s commitment to free press and journalistic integrity. (Lipstick Case designed by Mel Ottenberg).
  2. The Law Suit: Designed by Eckhaus Latta, and made from case files of lawyer James Thornton, founder of nonprofit ClientEarth who, over four decades, has been committed to fighting for the environment.
  3. Stonewall Stilettos: Designed by Shayne Oliver and made from the actual pleather from the banquettes at The Stonewall Inn, the shoes symbolize the commitment of early activists fighting for LGBTQA rights.
  4. The Shades of Humanity: Designed by Adam Selman and made from the camera lens of 2016 Instagram photographer of the year, Ruddy Roye, this piece symbolizes  Roye’s commitment to capturing the stories that often go unseen.
  5. The Scrubs Sweatsuit: Designed by Off-White’s Virgil Abloh and made from the workwear of dedicated oncologists like those at Memorial Sloan Kettering committed to fighting the war on cancer daily.
  6. The Real Camo Jacket: Designed by Y/Project (Glenn Martens) and made using actual material from the uniforms of four Heroes Project veterans, this piece symbolizes The Heroes Project’s commitment to wounded veterans. (Materials were donated by Charlie Linville (jacket from his Battle Dress Uniform, including name patch, piece of his boot that he was wearing when he stepped on an IED and lost his leg, piece of rope that went to the top of Everest, belt buckle from dress uniform); Brad Ivanchan (belt when in combat); Carlos Torres (jacket from his BDU’s, including his name patch); and Kionte Storey (bracelet from when he was in combat).