Why You Need To Try This Anti-Aging Oil, Especially If You’re Over 40

Why You Need This Anti-Aging Oil Especially If You're Over 40 Bonum Vitae Andrea Lopez Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credit: Margaret Patillo

As the skin ages, it becomes sensitive and prone to fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, and loss of density. Retinol has been the leading favorite for tackling those very issues, but doing so exposes the skin to dryness and irritability according to the Harvard Medical School. Luckily, face oil brands like the Las Vegas-based Bonum Vitae are on the cusp of replacing the helpful, but harmful anti-aging compound.

“Most medicines today were originally inspired from a plant, then synthetically recreated which can be toxic to the body. Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural and gentle on the body. Your body naturally knows how to work with plants and oil-based compounds,”
said Bonum Vitae founder and esthetician, Andrea Lopez.


While it certainly stands that retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles, it also contains skin dryness and irritation. Face oil has the same benefits as retinol, but without the harmful properties.

“Bonum Vitae facial oils offer the same effects as a retinol such as [a] cell turnover, wrinkle repair, evening out skin tone and texture,” said Lopez.

Like all their other oils, Bonum Vitae‘s anti-aging oil is made from naturally derived plant oils, cold pressed and steam pressed for purity, has a powerful mixture of CPTG ingredients that balance the skin’s pH, and contains vitamins A, B complex, C and E that leaves skin feeling healthy, vibrant, and youthful.