The Secret Speakeasy Inside JEWEL Nightclub

The Secret Speakeasy Inside JEWEL Nightclub Haute LivingPhoto Credit: JEWEL Nightclub

JEWEL Nightclub has withheld from sharing their secret speakeasy from its guests, but understandably so.

The words nightclub and discover are not usually found in the same sentence. What you see is what you get right? Only that sentiment doesn’t apply to JEWEL Nightclub. On the contrary, it’s quite the exception.

With state-of-the-art technology encompassing an entire 24,000-square-foot venue, it can be fairly easy to miss the secret speakeasy inside.

The Blind Tiger” speakeasy-themed suite is a nice nod to the prohibition era in Las Vegas. It was a time when the federal raids of speakeasy operators became aggressive in the late 1920s.

JEWEL’s secret speakeasy sits atop overlooking the state-of-the-art venue. To access “The Blind Tiger” guests enter through a custom carved wood wardrobe with mirrored panels.

Once inside the secret speakeasy, guests discover a sumptuous space inspired by elegant residences with plush tufted navy leather seating and dark wood paneled walls.

A stellar concept to put it simply, but where is this mystery carved wood wardrobe entrance? That is the secret you’ll come to find only if you request “The Blind Tiger” during your next visit.

JEWEL Nightclub’s convergence of technology and design with state-of-the-art LED technology, plus a secret speakeasy skybox suite inside is truly a remarkable and immersive experience.