How Adrian Grenier Is Transforming His Home Into An Eco-Retreat


Adrian Grenier is determined to to achieve a fully sustainable residence… including, yes, even his bathroom. The “Entourage” star and musician—a renowned eco-warrior—is intent on making his Brooklyn smart home into an eco-retreat. Here’s how he’s doing it.


Tell us how you’re transforming the bathrooms in your home.
While thinking about the home, I wanted to check a few boxes, specifically sustainability and smart technology. It was important that even the bathrooms had those features as well – for example the NEOREST from TOTO is a cutting-edge high-end toilet that incorporates water conservation, and technology to improve everyday living.

What other ways have you made your home sustainable? 
I have a geothermal system that will subsidize all the hot water – which will save energy and water. It will also have a radiant heat system that is a far more efficient and comfortable experience as well as a number of smart home technologies that will monitor energy use.

What can others do to live more sustainably?
You can start small. I have been doing this for a long time and there are many things that I do but don’t overwhelm yourself – build up to it. I suggest giving up single use plastic starting with straws.

You are something of an eco-warrior. Why is preserving the environment such a personal cause for you?
It is the ultimate in human expression to create a world that we want.

Have you always lived sustainably? If not, when did this start to become so important? If so, at what age did you start?
Living sustainably is relative, but I have always attempted to live as sensitively as possible. Caring for things outside myself – my neighbors, the people around me, animals and the planet.

Do you think the government is doing enough to protect our environment? Why or why not?
I think regulation is very important to make sure that every person and every business is working together to pull their own weight. Ultimately, this our home and we as individuals need to make the changes and demand them.