Mandy Moore Dishes On Thanksgiving Plans And Her Greatest Luxury In Life

Mandy Moore celebrates Friendsgiving with the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express
Mandy Moore celebrates Friendsgiving with the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Photo Credit: Michael Simon/

Mandy Moore has plenty to be thankful for this holiday season! We caught up with the This Is Us star at a Friendsgiving celebration with American Express Blue Cash Everyday at the Eveleigh in Los Angeles to discuss how she’s spending her “Friendsgiving,” what and who she’s thankful for (including her new fiancé, musician Taylor Goldsmith) and what she considers to be the greatest luxury in life.

Mandy Moore celebrates Friendsgiving
Mandy Moore celebrates Friendsgiving

Photo Credit: Michael Simon/

1) Why is Friendsgiving such an important tradition?

My friends are my family and I love to be able to celebrate the holidays with them.

2) What are your Friendsgiving rituals/customs?

My favorite part of Friendsgiving is taking the time to go around the room and speak from the heart about what we are all most thankful for.

3) What in particular are you giving thanks for this year and why?

Happiness and health for myself and everyone I love. A deep appreciation for how joyful and celebratory the last year has been.

4) What about your show makes you want to give thanks?

I love the people I’m fortunate enough to work with everyday- both the cast and the crew.

5) What behind-the-scenes element of the show would surprise fans the most?

How much levity there is. We all try to counter the more emotional aspects with a lot of laughter.

6) What about your fiancee most makes you want to be thankful?

I’m most thankful for all of his support and how secure he is in himself to allow me to shine and do what I love.

7) Have you begun planning your wedding? Is it going to be an over-the-top traditional wedding or something a little more chilled out? How will it fit both of your personalities? Have you said yes to the dress?

I haven’t started planning, but I’m excited about it being an intimate, private affair.

8) How would you describe where you’re at right now in your life in a phrase or five words?

I wouldn’t change a thing.

9) What, in your opinion, is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Sleep, because it’s not easy to come by. The older you get the more responsibilities you have on your plate and I take advantage of sleep whenever I can.